Uhmah Park

well i havent been around lately.

ive been busy moving. moving is like the only thing that can really stress me all the way out. not a crazy ass female calling me all the time harassing me. not bills, not none of that other shit. moving is the one thing that gets to me. i hate it. its a pain in the ass.

but anyway, me and syl found a nice 4 bedroom condo/townhouse in porter ranch ca, ( northridge ). YES… you probably saw porter ranch on the news, because part of porter ranch was fucking on fire some weeks back.

so now… now i live amoungst the pinkos. cant say ill be all chummy with the neighbors… everybody around here is hella old. im betting i will manage to piss somebody off once i hook up my stereo system tho. wooooo lol

this move was probably one of the hardest thing ive ever fuckin done. it was just me syl my cousin rj and syls brother greg. gotdamn. i honestly didnt realize we had that much shit. actually it was mostly syls. but me and my cousin had to brute all kinda big oak shit up a set of the worst stairs ever! the stairs in my house has TWO turns and 4 triangle steps ( the first invention by the devil, according to calvin lol ) and they are narrow as fuck. i was sore as fuck for like 3 days. them gotdamn stairs tho… they have been kicking my ass, just trying to move my black ass up and down the muthafuckas. i have been stumblin and bumbling down these narrow shits all week… i know imma buss my ass not paying attention one day lol watch..

as for my old place… i WILL NOT miss that gotdamn place… i hated it from day one. i did get used to it… but i was ready to roll out of that muthafucka on a moments notice. the only thing i will miss about that place is the fact that ALL the friends i have in the valley stay there… and the ones that dont stay there… kick it there. which i guess will be my black ass too now lol. its just gonna be werid not being able to stumble back down stairs and black out when im frunk as duck.

lets see… what else is new.

OH, i would also like to take this oppertunity to let it be known that i am the most swervenest nigga in a u-haul ever! i will dip that muthafucka like its a small sedan, hittin corners n shit lol. im cold business lol

after returning the uhaul, after moving ( bruting! ) all the big shit! i got to roll my dads F-150. i think its like a 2001 or some shit. that shit kinda cracks. it almost makes me want to buy a suv. i actually fit in the muhfucka, it was comfortbale as fuck. but then there is till the issue of GAS. gass out here is high as fuck… i buy high octane ( 91 ) which is anywhere from 1.73 to 2.05 per gallon ( its good for your car… dont let anybody tell you different ). and that truck got me at the tank lol. i couldnt actually roll one on a regular bases. plus… i dont know, it just seems like a white boy truck to me. lol i was rollin that muthafucka up and down tampa banging nirvana loud as fuck lol with my glasses on giving people the reverse nod. the down nod, instead of the up nod ( lol nobody will get that joke ). i was getting my white boy on… eyein white girls passing by in neons and cavalers n shit ( nobody will get that joke either lol ). i was my own entertainment for like 3 days lol. i keep telling my dad to go all the way white boy, get the big metal thing in the back with the fog lights with the smiley faces on em n shit, some big ass tires… and a no fear sticker on the back LOL that shit would be the guts lol

lets see… oh… the roy jones fight. i just KNEW roy was about to sleep dude. i guess all that weight he lost fucked him all up. not to mention that tarver is damn near just as fast as roy. but roy showed that he was the better boxer…. while in the middle of the ring, tarver was scared to do ANYTHING because roy kept tearing that nigga stomach to apart lol. What i cant fuckin figure out is, why roy kept going to the ropes… i understand the nigga was out of gas towards the end of the rounds but fuck… do something, bullshit throw punk ass punches… something… i dont know. i just didnt get that.

sunday i went to oxnard… which meant that i had to take the 118 west, which means i drove thru devilville, aka simi valley. which means i got to see a WHOLE BUNCHA Fire damage. wooooo that shit got burnt ALL up lol i didnt seen any homes burnt down tho… but lots of the sides of freeway was black as hell lol. and you could see how close the fire got to alot of homes. but… like i said… i have NO LOVE for them muthafuckas. im not welcome in simi valley. so fuck them lol. burnt or not. muthafuckas.

but back to sunday, syl and her people celerbrated her son, mikies birthday on sunday. he is 12 now ( birthday was actually tuesday ). ALL his family always comes out for his brithday. i was sittin up there like damn, this many of my relitives never came out for my damn birthday parties lol. i damn near got jealous till i realized that i probably didnt want them niggas there in the first place lol.

speaking of birthdays, id also like to say happy brithday to Resha, with her fine ass lol.

ummm what else.

oh, i heard that today… G dub ( bush ) signed the National Cemetery Expansion Act to help establish new national cemeteries for deceased veterans. and the Fallen Patriots Tax Relief Act, which doubles the tax-free death gratuity payment given to the families of fallen soldiers from $6,000 to $12,000… yea… way to go G dub… fuck health insurance, fuck trying to keep muhfuckas who put it all on the line alive. get em good health care n shit… fuck all that. but when they die, due to medical conditions they couldnt afford to treat. we got alllll the space we need to put they ass. and to show how great we are… we are gonna give thier families a lil bit more money. everybody walks away happy. lol dirty business. if i was in the military, or even thinking about signing up… id be nervious as fuck. like hmmmmm…. ok. we are at war with a country for some made up ass reason… its SUPPOSE to be over, but MORE soliders are dying in the after efforts than in the disarming efforts… and this muthafucka here wants to open up more grave yard space. eeehhh think ill pass on serving my country this go round. lol but, chances are… if youre in the military, or thinking about joining, you dont have THAT much foresight. lol so ummm yooo joe! lol be my muthafuckin guest… somebody gotta do it. lol

lastly… me and my friends have a fantasy football league going… my record? 7-2. one of these loses came from fuckin calvin. who i happen to play again this past week. the result? VENGANCE! i pulled that hot victory like i should have the FIRST fuckin time, but muthafuckas wanted to get hurt and not play… and bullshit on the feild all together. even tho calvin managed to put out one of his higher point totals this week… my teams average weekly output is more than he put up this week. and honestly… my team scored below its average this week. and i STILL won… like i should have the first time! so now… i am in SOLE possession of first place ( record AND points )! which i did share with calvin, up untill this past week, when i served him his second lost in a row. he is now 6-3. HA! bastard! speaking of muthafuckas i beat in the fantasy football league. id also like to give out another HA! to max, who had the audacity to call my team second teir. max is currently holding down third place with that mediocore record of 3 and 6 or some shit like that… this nigga CAN not beat me. lol id basiclly have to bench my whole team for him to beat. me… he hasnt even come close!

once i finish cleaning this place up some… i think imma get my cribs style tour of the place on with my video camera and try my hand at video editing.
should be fun.


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