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So Now That Youre Unavaliable, Whasup With Your Friend

Has this ever happen to you? You have a female friend who you moderately flirt with and there is a possibility of ‘something’ happening. Something could be anything, from Sex to a Relationship,. And lets say, youre really only interested in sex and she might be interested in ‘something’ like a relationship. Alot of times, its some one who just wants to be with some one else of the sake of be being boo’d up. They dont really even like you, they’re just looking for somebody to fill a slot.

Firstly, ending up in that situation sucks, because all you wanted to do was fuck from time to time. But this person has something else in mind that requires alot more attention and work than you believe said person is worth. So you and this person go through a little tussle. Where youre half way trying to fuck, doesnt matter to you. But everytime you hit this person up, theyre not really trying to get with YOU per say. But they make it known that they wanna be in a damn relationship or at least some kind of regular in your face-too-gotdamn-much-ness. In dealing with this other person you happen to meet a friend of theirs some how, who is just beautiful, or more your speed, who you would much more rather deal with than the person you wish you would have never had that blow job conversation with.

Has this ever happen to you? Where you wish you would have met the friend first? Its happen to me. At least 5 different times. So what would you do? Would you wait this person out, till they got into a relationship with some one else or really interested in somebody else?. Would you have the balls to ask for the hook up? I have. Met with much resistance surprisingly? Whats that about? Haters.
Maybe I have more to offer your friend. Maybe you suck lol. Clearly youre a hater.Chances are you suck lol. Nobody ever thinks about that. oh well lol

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