Uhmah Park

I wonder how it would feel, not not be trifflin. Not as far as restraining your self from doing some trifflin ass shit. But not having trifflin thoughts at ALL. Period.
There is no way possible that I could imagine what that would be like. I dont even know anybody i could ask.

I wonder… is there some one who knows thier txt msg word per min?  LOL!!! if anybody ever comes at me with that shit, i dont know how id react lmao. Anything from overly violent and hostile to weak on the floor with laughter bulkwild.

Thats it. lol

Lastly, id like to give a BIG shout out to youtube! Thanks to youtube… i dont have to watch BET or MTV to see a video anymore. Not only that… but i miss the commercials! NOT ONLY THAT! But i get to not have to have thier bullshit ass side shows that show no music videos.But are real fucking TV Shows. Gotdammit, if i wanted to watch a fucking TV Show… id be watching my other 80hundred cable channels! It seems like they dont show music videos no more. At least not even a 4th of what they used to. But fuck em now! Because some person that deserves a nobel peace prize, created Youtube! And now, we can just be browsing around and catch a old music video that we used to love… or do a search, and find the latest shit out! its great i say! fucking great!
Yesterday i was watching all the old BootCamp Click videos… Black Moon – BuckTown!!!! Operation Lock down n shit… I aint havin that!!! It was great!
We wont talk about all the other great shit thats on youtube. honestly, you could waste away watching youtube videos all day. We wont talk about google video either, where you can download a version for your ipod or various video versions for download… wont talk about that shit. i dont have all that much time.
Ill say this tho, the internet is like 8 times greater than what it was 3 to 4 years ago! Im glad i stuck around!

Oh as a matter of fact, ive never done this, but i know you can include a video on a page. imma do it… let me find something random.

I am still a MC Hammer Fan! MC is great i dont give a fuck what nobody has to say about it! Cast your bloody stones nigga, fuck you! If you was a Hammer Fan back in the day, there aint NO reason why you shouldnt still be one!! im not saying like, if he came out with something new you should automatically jump on it just for reputation and name sake. I do realize that this shit came out a long ass time ago. And was fresh as fuck back then. And thats all that im saying. If it was fresh then… dont diss your past! THAT SHIT IS STILL FUCKIN FRESH!!! I DONT GIVA FUCK! Im tired as hella blowed, but i watched this video and got hyped! Niggas cant front on Hammers greatness.
I do need to go listen to that new song he got out though.
Hopefully it will be dope.

Anyway… i think this is the song i got Max with. I almost drove this nigga crazy. We was in the car in the drive thru for carls jr. and in my car at the time, i had two 12’s hittin hard in the trunk. And max didnt see me turn to my oldschool hiphop folder. He also didnt see me scroll to the H’s lmao. Mind you, we was high as hell. Max had just hit the bong for the first time, and was blowed out of his mind. i put on this shit here… this nigga tried to crawl out the window n shit screamin NOOOOOO like a muthafucka! lol like that nigga was reliving a part of his past he hoped to had killed off years ago. It was almost torture-esque for him for some reason.

He’s probably a MC Hammer fronter. i know that nigga used to be in front of the TV watchin YO MTV raps like the rest of you niggas… clearing out the couch n shit, moving the fuckin coffee table. Trying to buss some Hammer moves, you fronting ass niggas!! I know some of you niggas even went as far to have bought a blank tape and recorded the video offa YO! MTV Raps so you could pause the shit and get the whole routine down! Ive seen several people do this! and now Hammer is wack? niggas cant fuck with hammer no more?!?! PSH! whatever! Front all you want… busters! YOU KNOW THE REAL WHEN YOU SEE IT!!

Im not saying Hammer had the coldest rhymes out… but his tracks was live as fuck! even with out the videos! They was hype as hell! All entertainment!
AND! There aint one RnB nigga out not named Micheal Jackson that can fuck with MC Hammers dancing still to this day! Im not big into dancing ( i prefer ass shaking… yes, i am whats wrong with hiphop… whatever… fuck off lol ) but i know hot shit when i see it. No one comes close to Hammer… still!

Alright im done.


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