Uhmah Park


but man… if i didnt know what slizzard was before… i have found out the meaning tonite lol

the oj is folded.

speaking of oj (me)… i been thinking… imma stop going by oj for a min…

i will now respond to the name Joe.

Joe Smith… simple and plan… easy to remember, easy to forget.

it cracks… or… a muhfucka could call me Joey Banannas ( this could change soon ).

it cracks!

i had fun tonite… the homie drew ( and D and Jesus ) had me out at club soho, downtown LA, and tonite… was asian night. I was the tallest muthafucka there. i was even taller than the security. and… i felt very outta place lol. but it was hella cool… i had fun, probably due to the long island ice tea and the BLACK RUSSIAN ( COMMRADE!!! ) i had. woooooooooo. one thing tho… i have never seen so many people off beat in my damn life. it was still fun tho.

lastly, i would like to say all praises due to Allah for getting me thru this year ( some what sane… and very paid!! ) and gettin me home, because i was kinda folded. But good thing for me i have been blessed with intoxication driving mascrade make believe youre sober – dont fuck nothing up skills. and some how… if im a lil bit too buzzed… i can drive striaght. i actually think i drive better when im not sober. but dont tell noooobody.

happy new year people!

Joey Bizzell — who needs to purchase some butter for his waffels in the morning.