Uhmah Park

Some time ago, I mentioned that somebody or something or something along those lines, resembled a Sleestack. I think it was The Man League Scoring System, where I made a reference. To my surprise, alot of people arent aware of what a Sleestack actually is. Well, let me show you.

This this is a Sleestack:

It was some kind of creature from an old show called, Land Of The Lost. Thats right kids and everybody under 26. Before it was a movie, it was TV show. I used to watch it all the time. However, I dont remember a single episode. Go figure. But one of the only things I do remember about this show was the Sleestack and how ugly and ungodly creatures they were.

Just incase you are wondering what a Sleestack might look like… as a girl. Here is a photo:

And just because Im a great guy like that, if you were ever wondering what a Sleestack might look like today, live and in person, walking the earth. I have found the answer to your questions:

Now to make the murder complete. This person here, is giving girls make up advice. Lets just skip the fact that shes not attractive in the least bit. Because thats not what makes her look like a sleestack… well it helps, alot, but still. Its her make up, and the fact that she is bad at putting it on her self. I know Im a guy, but I know bad make up when I see it. Ive seen plenty of unattractive people who know how to put on make up. She is not one of these people. In this video, around her eyes. its hard to tell if she got punched by a sea foam monster, or if her black person make up is coming off of her sleestack eyes. Its a good thing im not high, id be talking about this nigga here forever lol. This is just terrible. I wont talk about nothing else thats wrong and overly absurd about this video and person. Except, her camouflage super man tshirt lmao!!!!! what the fuck lmao. I hope thats her “make up shirt”. Can you tell I have way too many females in my life yet? lol I really do hope she didnt put on that shirt to match her eyes. I already couldnt get over the fact that she looks like a sleestack lol. That shit would probably fuckin kill me.

This is what happens when a person doesnt have enough constructive criticism in their life lol. Somebody needs to give her some real tips, or just inform her, that shes really doing a terrible job. Her shit doesnt look good at all, none of her videos! On a few, she looks like my Grand Mother did in the casket. This is what happens when people start to over use the word hate. Like George Bush over used the phrase “Mission Accomplished” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction” “appeasement” shit like that lol. She thinks people are hating on her. When they are really just laughing at her. There is a HUGE difference. Then, you have the assholes who dont want to be “mean”. Its not mean when somebody ask you if you like something, and you say… No. I promise lol. And if that person thinks its mean, Fuck them. lol You probably dont need any body that disillusioned in your life anyway lol

But! thats what the internet is for, and I love it. One persons make up tips, is another persons hilarity lol

Viva La Series of Tubes!


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