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Slaughterhouse – Beamer Benz or Beamer Remix

This has been my favorite song since it hit the net. These niggas MURDERED this shit. If i was Julez and the rest of these niggas I’d be fucking offended lol. This shit is ALOT better than the effort they came with. And its their song!

Ive only heard the original song once. I couldnt take it. That shit was fucking retarded. If you are in the market for a Bentley, there is no way youre also considering a Benz or a Beamer. Maybe a Maybach or a Rolls. Shit makes no sense. Niggas just rhyming words. Niggas is dumb.

Anyway… Crooked I is quickly becoming one of my favorite rappers. Joe Budden has been one of my favorite rappers since Pump It Up. And although I can tell Crooked I heard everybody eleses verses first then dropped his verse, I feel like Joey and Crooked-I verses are basically tied. I’m just glad the song started and ended with them niggas. If I can help it, I’d like to hear about other niggas dicks as little as possible. But since Crooked-I verse is so live, I have to sit through that shit every gotdamn time. lol Ugh nigga.

I like remixed tracks with different MC’s on em. I always like to judge who had the illest verse.