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Simulated bad sportsmanship, do not attempt

This commercial is the fucking GUTS. Mainly because I could see this happening in real life lol. If any one of my friends tried this shit, there would be a fucking fight. Same goes if I did it to one of them. I’d never hear the end of it. These dudes would swear I was the foulest cheating bastard there EVER was. They also would ALLLLL LAUGH THEIR ASSES COMPLETELY THE FUCK OFF!!! Except for the guy that got tazzed lol ( DONT TAZE ME BRO!! )

Theres no way, this is not funny if it doesnt happen to you!

In the corner, near the end of the commercial, it says “Simulated Bad Sportsmanship. Do Not Attempt” LMAO! Which makes this commercial even fucking greater!

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