Uhmah Park

i get bored TOO easy.
i can be at a crackin ass club and be bored as fuck. i can be doing damn near anything and be bored.
when i was younger… and i used to complain about being bored… my father used to say ” well son… you know… there will come a day when you will be happy you dont have a muthafucking thang to do. and you will be beggin to be bored ”
that day… hasnt come yet. because i still have shit to do lol. BUT! the big shit.. that was stressin a nigga out… and burning me out… is seemingly over * knock on lumber*
i actually still have a buncha shit to do… im just not gettin paid for it lol… but i have it to do still…
i still wanna do the REAL version of this here blogger that i planned on long time ago… i just need to learn a few new tricks to get it done… i put this up because i was tired of lookin at the other shit. hopefully ill have more time.
i have to do something about the main portion of this shit… its fuckin with me bad lol i havent changed that shit in like 2 years lol.
i have a bunch more shit i need / want to do.
but for right now… i dont have to do a muthafuckin thang! im not beggin to be bored tho… fuck all that… rest on the other hand… now that cracks lol
its silent… syl is gonna be gone for 3 days. im posted.


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