On GP (General Purposes)

silence is underrated.

i get bored TOO easy.
i can be at a crackin ass club and be bored as fuck. i can be doing damn near anything and be bored.
when i was younger… and i used to complain about being bored… my father used to say ” well son… you know… there will come a day when you will be happy you dont have a muthafucking thang to do. and you will be beggin to be bored ”
that day… hasnt come yet. because i still have shit to do lol. BUT! the big shit.. that was stressin a nigga out… and burning me out… is seemingly over * knock on lumber*
i actually still have a buncha shit to do… im just not gettin paid for it lol… but i have it to do still…
i still wanna do the REAL version of this here blogger that i planned on long time ago… i just need to learn a few new tricks to get it done… i put this up because i was tired of lookin at the other shit. hopefully ill have more time.
i have to do something about the main portion of this shit… its fuckin with me bad lol i havent changed that shit in like 2 years lol.
i have a bunch more shit i need / want to do.
but for right now… i dont have to do a muthafuckin thang! im not beggin to be bored tho… fuck all that… rest on the other hand… now that cracks lol
its silent… syl is gonna be gone for 3 days. im posted.

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what syl is gone for 3 days???
aw man,nigga i jus know u got some pussy poppin planned.
get yea matress on nigga!!

BMG’s comment reminds me of when I was a teenager and young niggas would get all excited and anxious when their parents were out of town and they had the house to themselves…no doubts exist about what they had planned now, lol!

lol yall niggas….

im not gonna lie tho… lol BMG must live closer than i thought.

lol and thas all i got to say about that.

but it goes down reguardless who is here, nigga grown. shit just might be so… umm … amplified lol

it’s like my friend used to tell me:

if you can’t respect yourself, protect yourself…even if you are over there LIVIN FOUL 🙂

calvin, could you fedex oj a copy of your famously superior “mama ain’t home mix?” sounds like he’ll be needing it!

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