Uhmah Park

1. Kanye West needs to stop jumpin on niggas tracks that HE produces for them… and then outshining they ass. lol thats just mean. he did slum villiage and dialated peoples wrong. lol.

2. No Basketball, No Football Make OJ go, something something. SIGH!!! sportscenter is fucking saturated with baseball… this is some bullshit. baseball is the cure for insomnia… i watch that shit at night when i cant sleep. on the bright side tho… at least its summer and i can distract my self with drinking and partying. it goes down.

3. that slow motion shit by juvenille is BANGIN. Bangin out of control. that shit is lapdance music for that ass. i dont even like strip clubs, but fuck! ( fyi – i am down to recieve that lap dance from that female that can shake her shit ). imma have to get somebody to give me a lap dance to that shit.

4. i need to get some more jordans. ( 12’s or 13’s… or them af uno bootleg ones they got out… them shits is dop )

5. My PF was folded yesterday and scared the fuck out of me. but thank God everything is alright. and she is gonna be ok 😉

6. i need to get the LASC goin. but im closer than i was a month ago. so it cracks. and hopefully it will crack all the way soon!

7. Im going to be getting my travel on this summer. Vegas at the end of July… the 22nd… somebody left a comment on here mentioning something about them going around the same time… i dont know what that was about tho? (this might get pushed back, depending on how fast niggas wanna come off my cheese). i just found out that my family is gonna be having a big ass family reunion in New Orleans in August (which should super crack.. ive only meet like 2% of this side of the family). and at some undetermined date i WILL be in orlando. i also MIGHT be in Tennesse to visit my cousin, see his latest child Charlize (i hope i spelled her name right) and also kick it with the killa, since my cousin and him dont stay all that far from each other. im going to be in San Deigo one of these weekends to see the latest addition to the family (my cousin just had a baby) and hopefully get my beach on.

8. speaking of the beach… i need to start going back to the gym. fuck. i aint been in a cold min.

9. Nobody out, has more music than Me, and them niggas BMG and The Killa Himself.

10. i think i wanna learn how to play the electric guitar. that shit would be live as fuck lol…

11. Dodge Ball was the mutahfuckin GUTS! woooooo! shit. im still trippin off that one dude thinkin he wa a gotdamn pirate! lmao fuck

12. SoulPlane was just as fuckin funny as Dodgeball actually. i dont care what NOBODY says! that shit was WAY TOO trifflin not to be the guts. you can not get movie… you just have to laugh. because its the damn guts.

13. That Method and Red Show is the guts too actually.

14. i CAN NOT find my fuckin TV remote… that shit has been missing for the last 2 days! do you know how dumb of a problem this is to fucking have?!?!?! fuck!

15. im done.


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