Uhmah Park

Today i was shown a picture of a black kid that looked very familiar to the Dad from that cartoon Family Guy. that shit was beyond funny.

California is en feguo again. this is some true bullshit.

The Michlen Man, have you ever looked at him? do you realize that he is made up of tires? have you ever peeped his color out? The Michlen Man is fucking white… but tires is black! Everywhere around the world… tires is fuckin black! what the fuck? lol i mean… i really do hate to scream racism here… but honestly… what else could it be?

i heard a pretty decent concept the other day… Prevenge! Prevenge… meaning revenge before you are done wrong. like… if you dont like a nigga… when you see him, you take off on his ass… like POW NIGGA!!! before he even get at you first! lol it goes down.

Nirvana used to get muthafuckin live. so are the White Stripes… they get so busy. thier preformance on the mtv awards of seven nation army and… that other song on thier last album, im too blowed to remember, was crackin.

That R. Kelly track… Happy People. this nigga is giving dancing directions on the end of that shit. Old muthafuckas LOVE this shit.. they be stepin or whatever the fuck. that shit is the fucking Hokey Pokey for niggas over 35. its sad to see old ass niggas doing a grown up version of the hokey pokey. but its like… oh well. if they werent, id have nothing to laugh at. Because the shit is truely gutty.

I love the 90’s is the fucking GUTS!!! gotdamn… i love this shit. lol i love how they got that old school toaster screen saver! i used to love that shit for whatever reason. and while we are talking about this shit, was Rico Suave a rap artist?!!?!? wow… a rapper with tight jeans… boots… long hair… little jacket??!? lol gutty shit. i dont know why i never realized how funny this shit was before lol gotdamn

Fantasic Four…. Fab Five? whats keeping muthafuckas from switching this up? Fab Four… Fantasitic Five? makes sense to me! but then again… i got down with some greenery rituals earlier… so, my judgement may be a bit distorted and otherwise skewed like a muthafucka. lol

Maybe im cruel… but that diary queen commercial… where the lady didnt wanna give up her DQ latte… so she got up and tried to run… and hit door unsuspectedly. gotdamn!!! that shit damn near killed me. when people hit shit unsuspectedly, is the funniest shit to me. woooo shit!

Dont you hate when youre talkin to somebody on thier cell phone and your signal drops… but you try to call back. and the other person is STILL talkin on the phone… and when you call back, there shit is busy or you got straight to thier voicemail. like 8 times in a row?!?!? i hate that shit!!! MUTHAFUCKA HANG UP THE PHONE!!! lol my dad does that shit all the time… and so do a couple of other people i know. lol that shit is annoying lol.

Enzyte. dick enlarger… it sounds like you have to take this shit regularly… or am i trippin? so that makes me wonder… how long do you have to take it for? and how long does your natural male enhancment last, if you did happen to get your free samples while supplies last? not that i need it or n shit… im just curious on how the shit works. this must be some shameful shit to buy for your self lol. gotdamn.


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