Uhmah Park

Its showtime yall…

my cousin, and bestfriend… JD, has decided to enter the blogger world. and he is kicking off his shit with a Rebuttle ( rebuzzal, as he calls it ) to the bumble bee story.
The shit is pretty fuckin halarious. lol

but before you read that shit… id like to fucking point out… about the dude gettin his head cut off… i was NOT laughin at him getting his head cut off… i was laughin at the dude reading the note, and how he just caught an attitude all of a sudden… like AAHHH IM SO MAD MAN!!! I COULD JUST CUT A MUTHAFUCKA HEAD OFF!!! he pulled out his shank… and started hackin at dude head… shit was nasty. but i was laughin at ol boy gettin mad n shit… not the man having his shit cut off… that was some nasty shit.

anyway… for anybody tho laughs at me, and thinks im funny. i promise jd is 10 times funnier than i am. this nigga has damn near made me suffocate from laughter MORE than 20 times my whole life. like i had to run from the nigga so i could stop laughin. and the nigga is fucked up too… i remember one time in the 10th grade… this nigga tried to make me laugh so hard that id piss on my self… but the fucked up part? WE WAS IN HISTORY CLASS!!!!! the nigga had me cryin laughin, in the back of the class… and i fucked up and was like… nigga shit up… imma fuck around and piss on my self… my legs was all crossed n shit… this nigga didnt giva FUCK either… i tried to hit the nigga to make him stop… the nigga got up and moved to another chair and kept talkin shit!!! i almost had a serious ass accident in the fuckin class room. i think i ended up just running out the class to go piss… or demanded a bathroom pass or some shit. lol it was terrible… the nigga aint right tho.

anyway… enough about that shit….

the link to jd blog: http://chiefcrazybluntz.five27.com

oh… and lastly. for whatever reason… jd tells the most BELIEVABLE lies… them shits will have you second guessing your own good common sense. its werid. thats why we call him “The Truth”. ive heard this nigga say some straight bullshit and people buy that shit with thier LAST fuckin dollar lmao. its unbelieveable to witness… i have more stories than a lil bit.

but yea… enjoy yourselves!