Uhmah Park

The KillaCal.

Nominated for a Blackbloggeraward. Way to go!

Although the nigga didnt win for what he was nominated for. But high for for being nominated anyway. Life time achivement award I think it was. Pretty dope… I remember when he started blogging. Before blogger got bought by google. And I used to argue with this girl he used to talk to in his comments, because we had beef.

Anyway. For those dont know, Calvin is one of my first internet friends. Ive been knowing this man for like 10 years. Since his freshman year at Morehouse I think. So from time to time he tends to be the benificerary of a blowed idea I might have.
I forget exactly what I was going for at first, but this was actually it when I finished. I fucked up on the first round.

But… I do have a small confession. First of all, I didnt take that picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Second, Calvin and I have a little back and forth about our birthdays, which is the better day and what not. See, he is a day older than me. He was born on May 26th.. me on the 27th. Of course he is standing solid on the perceived notion that his day is the better day. And Im sure I wont be able to get him to see things correctly (my way). And since Im competitive as fuck, and I love 1up’ing a nigga. I am the Champ of 1up’ing a nigga. Spite, revenge, pre-venge, retaliation, and get back are some of my favorite things. lol I really enjoy the shit, it puts a smile on my face, I get excited and happy when I come up with some bullshit. its great.
So, I tell this man calvin, that Im thinking I should redo his whole shit one day, and I asked the nigga what he was thinking he wanted (mind you the last version was pretty fresh, but became dated… to me). And he was telling me about how he wanted a bridge and some water going under it (since thats what his shits called). At first, like I said, I had some shit I was going to go with, then I remembered. There is a pretty famous standing bridge that was opened on a day that represents glory and greatness. May 27th, 1937. Because clearly, May 26th, 1937 just didnt crack. lol To prove my point a little bit further… five26.com ?? dont think so. doesnt have the same zing to it. They were smart to wait a day.

HA! I just cant help my self sometimes lol. I just had to make my mark … where ever possible the best way possible lol.