Uhmah Park

Shout goes out to Deah on her 23rd birthday!

id link her website… but she never updates that shit… so it would be extra pointless lol.

and i would type out a buncha nice shit about deah, who is one of my favorite people. but… eeehhh fuck all that… deah knows she is indeed a special girl. she is one of the only people who can prove me wrong regularly. lol. as much as we go back and forth… i do value her opinion. shes lucky a nigga doesnt have 4 years of college behind him though. my field goal percentage would be much higher.

in hour of deahs birthday… i got her a strawberry cheese cake for us to split. but she wasnt around… so in true nigga form… i ate her half.


thanks to all the people who sent comments thru the five27 main site. i WILL email yall back… eventually… but i be busy. as you may be able to tell by the rate in which i write in this shit here.


Tony Hawk hit another 900 today. he is the man. ( niggas didnt know i keep up with skateboarding a tad bit lol )


i got some spam today from the sender “Green Card Lotto” with the subject line “Do you need a united states green card”. i thought that shit was pretty damn funny.
speaking of which… i do find it slightly ironic… that you need a GREEN card to live in the US if youre a foriegnier… and if you are in this state illegally… youre considered an illegal ALIEN.
it might not be so funny / ironic in the morning tho.


thats about it.


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