Uhmah Park

So we got our kitchen and floods “did” lol.

i have been bullshiting on showing the pictures. oh well. you will soon come to see that i also bullshited on taking pictures that might be worth showing. lol

this whole process took alot longer than it should have. i have the half steppers of the new jersey court system to thank for that shit. bitches.

But, fuck it… its all good now! the house is alot roomier and open. the air flow better through this bitch and everything! its great. great great great. syl got all this going and did a great ass job. All i did was help pick colors. lucky for us all the floor plans and planning for the rennovation was done by one of our neighbors before we got ours done. And her spot is exactly like ours for the most part. just a few minor adjustments and it went down.

For all the people seeing my shit for the first time, and dont know what it used to look like. just trust me… it works alot better these days lol


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