Uhmah Park

its raining fuckin wilderbeast and walrusses ( say three times fast….. with out laughing! )
nigga its raining hard as fuck.

there is water every gotdamn where. fuck.

but… im hungry as fuck, and i need substainace! so i headed out to mc donalds… rolling through a airbone fuckin air tsunami ( was that insenstive? im sorry lol not really, but yea ). and i get a 20 peice mc nugget, large fries, and two apple pies ( did i mention im blowed? ) equipped with thier special bbq sauce and one of a kind sweet and sour sauce. ( have you ever tasted anything that taste like THAT shit. it doesnt even RESEMBLE the taste of sweet and sour chicken from the chinese spot )

for whatever reason, the guy who put my order together thought i would like a heap of sauce.

now… if youre a person who loves chicken mc nuggets like i do. then you would think…. man, extra sauce? score!
have you ever tried to eat mc donalds sauce with anything that WASNT from mcdonalds? have you ever tried to eat SAVED sauce?
it doesnt crack as much as you think. it just dont taste the same. its werid. why is this? i cant figure that shit out. perhaps it doesnt taste all that great because i refrigerate my shit, and at mcdonalds its just kicking it under tha cash drawer lol.
i dont know… whatever it is. its wack!

but oh well… probably shouldnt be eating mc donalds shit like that anyway. lol.

oh yea… speaking of blowed missions…. i posted the blowed mission staring me jd and rj ( los tres juaves! ), in vegas baby!

it goes down like value jet nigga!


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