Song of the Moment

Shes A Big Girl Now With A Body That Growl

Marvel features one of my favorite @RZA beats of all time (if he made it). The shit rides all the way out for a while too.

Id talk about this song and the clear warning concerning some fine ass girl and her awesome pussy; but nobody is gonna listen. Not even me. No matter how many fucking times some ass gets me into trouble lol. Im going to think I got it under control like every other man on the planet….. and i GOTS will power. A lot of it… and I still aint gonna listen… and.. and.. and….. clearly I know better.

Pussy is crack lol. Coupled with any amount of Love or Affection, kiss your ass good bye; its gonna take an act of God himself to get your ass off that shit.

Lol good luck niggas…. not that its about to help you any, but you know..

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