Uhmah Park

i wonder why sheep grow hair all over thier body… except for thier faces?

that shit is werid to me.

man… and while im thinking about sheep… what tha fuck purpose to sheep serve in the circle of life anyway? ( outside of wool )

all they do is walk around and eat grass… what else do they do? honestly?

sheep are the land version of the gold fish…

extra pointless… and feeders for bigger stronger animals.

i mean fuck… can they even escape a preditor? a gazel can at least run for its life… even a rabbit can make that mad dash…

what in the fuck is a sheep gettin away from? a fuckin sheep couldnt even out run a three legged dogg!!!

sheep fuckin suck… thru out the history of animal characters… has there been one significant sheep character? NO!!! not even the one of that spin off from garfield… us farms… that muhfucka was a background character and didnt even have a big part in any story.

fuckin turtles have had better parts than sheep… and they REALLY dont do shit.

sheep have got to be the most uninteresting animals ever.

the only thing i can ever see doing with a sheep is kicking it in tha ass

( not fucking it in the ass… for all you lonely farmers out there with internet access )

that is the only possible fun i can see a sheep providing anybody.

you cant even have a pet sheep!!

who in tha fuck would want one?!?!?

you could probably keep a pet sheep on tha fuckin porch of your apt and it would be alright. how great of a fuckin pet is that??? you cant play with tha muhfucka or nothing. you cant even take the muhfucka out on the street and get attention like you can a dog… or a pariot… or a lizard of some sort. if people saw you on the street with a sheep. they would just think you were fuckin… werid… country… and if you was a dude… they would think you were fucking the sheep, and you are taking your girl out on the town or some shit ( lol at least thats some shit id say lol )

fuckin sheep …

they will follow anybody with a oddly shaped stick and a dog.

nobody even wants to see sheep have sex.

how bad is that?

nobody is interested in sheep.

GIRLS arent even interested in sheep… now thats when you know a animal fuckin sucks.

girls like any fuckin thing.

…. sheep? who gives a fuck?

animal rights activist dont even care about sheep.

now that is all the way bad.

you never see animal rights activist circling farms protesting… Stop fuckin the sheeps!!! Stop fucking the sheeps!!! no… nobody even cares… shit… i dout tha sheep them selves even care.

they should test out more shit on sheep… nobody gives a fuck no way… shit… i would.

sheep are meaningless…

im going to start caling meaningless ass people who serve no purpose at all… SHEEP.

lol the homie Max suggests the term ” Sheeple ”

lol which is the guts.


im cooled off now… i just got back from the club homebody in my apt is tryin to open up… a nigga was kinda drunk… and sweatin. now im dry… tired… and still kinda buzzed. this was the most fun ive had in the valley since i moved here about a year ago.

the valley sucks… like sheep. this is fuckin sheepville.

im blackin out now.


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