Uhmah Park

Muthafuckas is selfish. and they dont even know it.

Say, you ask me to go to an event… like your graduation. and i say… naw im good, ill come to that post graduation get together though.
How you gonna get mad at me… because i dont wanna attend your graudation ceromony? i was fucking being truthful in my answer! how can a muthafucka not apperciate that? how? because muthafuckas is SELFISH! im telling the truth… however, this asshole wants to have an attitude. fucked up? i think so.
What do you want me to do? Lie? i could always say… yea… imma be there… and not show the fuck up. come to the post graduation thing…( because thats what i really wanted to do in the first muthafuckin place! ) and bullshit you on some, yea sorry i missed the graduation., umm i got caught up. but im here now!
or be SUPER Skanless ( like my self ) and come at the END of the fuckin graudation. and then hug them afterwards and clap n shit… like you stat yo ass there for 3 hours. bored as fuck. ( just like they probably are, mind you, in the heat. Not everbody sits there and thinks about thier future for 2 and a half hours ) give them a big ass hug like Congradulations!!!
of course i could be skanless or just a flat out liar. but no… i tell you what im REALLY feeling, so you dont waste your fuckin time… and end up pissed off eventually Any-muthafuckin-Way. but people dont like to look at it that way. what it really is. Your mad because i didnt tell you want you wanted to hear. they get pissed and say YOURE the asshole, and YOURE fucked up. because muthafuckas is selfish.
Thats some punk ass shit to be mad at, really.

So yea, its my beleif that most people are generally selfish. and cant accept the truth. ( because the truth hurts )

And if you cant tell by now. “Sober” is not an adjective that would be accurate in my current discription.

But thats the way i feel. sober or not.

This is me… signing off, from the 2nd moon of mars.
Good Day.


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