Uhmah Park

Say any gotdamn thing!!!
Will you please post an entry? lol ive been asked that by more than 10 people in the past few days.

well, i would. but im fucking lazy. and i just havent gotten around to it. how bout that?

However JD has posted an entry to wrap up the flight of the moon kricket entry, Entitled “Gone in 60 Seconds“, where he explains what his take on things and what the fuck happen when he left out the door with the moon kricket aka the BAMC. lol youll have to read the shit to figure that one out.

this nigga dell, who called me earlier today with some gutty shit to say…. he hasnt posted a muthafuckin thing on the other hand. why? who knows. that nigga is lazy too. im not sure who wins in a lazy contest out of all the homies… but i know this… if i win ( which is hella possible lol ) that nigga would still medal. him and fuckin RJ. RJ is a lazy muthafucka… gotdamn lol. this nigga used to be able to sleep like 16 hours in a day. and up to 12 to 14 hours at once… ive seen the nigga do it personally. and yes, i was fucking amazed!

ummm what else?

That drop it like its hot video is the shit, who ever put that shit together is good. and the nigga that edited is a genius! the track though? that shit BANGS in my car. wooooooo
i just got a new amp, and i make a lot of noise for there only being one 12 in the trunk, its great. but…. i WILL be getting a bigger box and another sub ( and another amp for that sub )
This nigga JD has four fuckin 12’s in his trunk ( he also drives a fuckin land yacht ass Grand Marquis ) with the biggiest amp ive ever seen personally, and that nigga shit hits hard as fuck. gotdamn! its rediculious, but great all at the same time. that nigga could throw his own fuckin concert with his shit. he has 2 W6’s and 2 Kickers. shit is loud as hell, and spine jarring.
so he has inspired me to go a head and say fuck my trunk space ( again, because i used to have two 12’s ) and get another 12 in my shit, and disturb the peace with ruthless aggression even more than i am now.

ive been playing GTA San Andreas, this shit is DOPE. anybody that grew up in LA during the 90’s will have more appercation for this game than every one else. its great.
imma go play it now as a matter of fact.


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