Uhmah Park


lol i dont think ive ever showed yall ( like i know half the muthafuckas that read this shit ) this shit. its the gotdamn guts lol. (to me at least… )

let me explain… one day (long time ago), kwasi and kkarma saw a picture of me, dressed how a nigga be dressed, (i wont even go into what a niggas style of dress has been referred to n shit lol) and they started talkin shit like… ha ha ha… OJ dont be wearing no fuckin socks, OJ must be from hati or some shit! ha ha ha. ( or something to that effect ).

now me… im thinking to my self, first. hm? hatians dont wear socks? really? its way too hot and humid out in hati for niggas not to be wearin socks… thas nasty lol. i know one hatian family and they all wear socks lol. (and one of em is fuckin beautiful and wooo wont talk about that lol) anyway… they was gettin on me how my feet must smell like a bag full of ‘the worst shit ever’ and corn chips ( or something to that effect — fyi… i like the way corn chips smell lol nigga them shits is good lol ). This was on SoulCity (a message board hosted on this site) by the way. and so i put this lil page together to explain why exactly i rock my socks the way i do. when you wear shorts and show your socks… thats just some wack shit lol im sorry lol. it just doesnt crack.

now… when i wear pants… i pull my shits all the way the fuck up. but thats some whole other shit as far as im concerned lol.
My faces in these pictures are the fucking guts.
i did this shit about… hmm 3 years ago? i be going thru extra shit to prove my fucking point… i MUST prove my point. i must get my fucking point across! i know my spelling is fucked up. but if my spelling affected my point getting across effectivly (or at least if i believe it did lol). id be a hooked on phonics at 25 muthafucka lol.

i remember also… one time… Roc tried to say ( on soulcity also ) that i looked like fuckin masta ace. i was like WHAT?!?!?! lol so i had to make the biggest effort i could conceptualize to prove her worng. i posted ( in my photo gallery ) EVERY picture of me i had at the time. little did i know at the time i had a WHOLE lotta pictures of me. and honestly… there is some that are missing out of that bunch ( like the sock pictures lol ). and shit… since its there, over time it just kinda grew.
Im pretty sure before this little explaination, somebody was thinking some shit like… well damn nigga… vien as fuck are we? When that aint the case at all lol. and now you have the story…

so anyway… im done. and before somebody post the comment. NO! i REFUSE to wear ankle socks! you CAN NOT fuckin rock ankle socks with pants… and YES! i AM too lazy to switch between ankle socks and regular socks… BELIEVE that shit lol. plus… LA weather be on that BULLSHIT sometimes… i keep a pair of pants in my car when i have on shorts (when i can remember), LA weather will up and change its fuckin mind on a nigga. it will be hot all day till like 7… and then that ocean breeze get to kickin a nigga in his black ass… that shit is the pits! im anemic too? psshh that shit dont work for me.
So yea… fuck ankle socks. my tan goes well below my ankles, it cracks.
and fuck pulling your socks all the way up when you have shorts on… that shit is terrible. actually… so are ankle socks with fuckin shorts. its like congradulations… you dress like your dad! … or some shit. i cant get with it!

now… im a lil tipsy ( where as earlier i was frunk as duck ) and im taking my black ass to bed.

ko-nee-chee-wah, Bitches!


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