Uhmah Park

The Bong is Max’s Enemy

sigh… this shit here. i think we need a victims perspective. ( umm it might be wise to click that link and read this niggas story first lol )

i still remember the spit flying towards me and all i could think of was: SARS!!!!!!!!

i made a pretty good attempt at trying to flee ground zero… but was unsucessful because some girl sitting next to me got ALL in my gotdamn way!
somehow, i think she thought i was trying to shield her from the explosion of salava that came out this niggas mouth… speeding towards the both of us…. and i guess that is a good thing… or woulda been if she was anywhere near cute… man… she was shaped like a fuckin race track… just one big long ass oval… flat on the front … flat in the back.. and she was black too, i was really amazed how she had no shape. so yea… nothing good came outta that shit….. EXCEPT! for later on… a nigga like me was like… max… hit it again… and this nigga max looked over at me… dead ass serious… sounding like stewart from mad tv… ” The Bong, is my Enemy ”
woooo… i damn near suffocated laughin at that shit lol. this nigga was actin like the bong was out to get him. that shit was tha GUTS!!!

but yea… i got spit the fuck on… like three big ass clumps… that shit was nasty as hell lol. but i was blowed and it was the guts because this nigga did not know what he was doing lol. so imma let it slide…. next time i try to get somebody to hit a bong tho… im backin the fuck up.
i would say it was worth it… because max was super blowed making blowed statments for the rest of the night lol. lol THEN… we went to carls jr… lol this nigga max i think was a tad bit too high to be anywhere near ready for this shit…. but i was bangin the old skool cuts in my car… i cant remember what was on…. but that shit went off and MC HAMMER came on…. this nigga damn near lost it LOL!!! this nigga let out a big ass NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i was in the drive thru bangin the fuck outta old ass mc hammer songs… dancin n shit lol singin along with the songs lol MC Hammer used to be the shit… i dont giva fuck… ill bang that shit lol… i had to turn it earlier that day because the homie dennis was on some ” I REFUSE ” shit lol. but lucky for me… max was hella high and all he could do was laugh…
it was tha guts….
that whole night was the guts.
jokes and jokes and jokes and jokes!!


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