Uhmah Park

S.O.B.E.R. = Son Of a Bitch Everything is Real

courtesy of my nigga DrewHa ( Drew ).

ill never forget the night that nigga came up with that shit.

So much shit happen that night. I was WAY too high, and WAY too drunk at Jamaica Gold.

By the time i was JUST kinda faded, we smoked another blunt in the parking lot of Jamaica Gold, and i got refaded.

After that, we caravand two cars to McDonalds down the street, got some food to sober up a lil more in the parking lot and end up having WAY more fun that any body is ever suppose to have in a parking lot of McDonalds.

It was Me, Calvin ( of KillaCal.net Fame ), Drew and Dardis. Jen was passed the hell out in the truck, Liz was in and out of consciousness, but did not really move all that much lol. We parked in the parking lot….. shenanigans insused!

Jokes and jokes and jokes and more jokes were cracked non-stop. Individuals in the McDonalds drive thru were often talked about.

After we finished our food… we kicked it for at least a hour and a half. lol

There was a car full of girls, ugly ass girls. They wanted attention. They were doing everything they could to get some attention, EXCEPT for call niggas over to the car. But they was lookin. So what happen? Calvin takes it upon his self to walk to the car. And thats my nigga, im not just gonna let the nigga go over to the car by , fuck it. it aint like i was about to really fuck with one of them ugly muthafuckas anyway lol. A good 13 steps away from the car loaded with ugly girls. This nigga Calvin, STOPS! And breaks out into a Harlem shake that would make puffy him self envious.

Hilarity and uncontrollable laughter insused. You know the kind of laughter that makes you run in no specific direction? Yea… i dont remember where i went, but i ran in the other direction, that shit was BEYOND the guts. He gave it to them muthafuckas lmao.

Serenity Now… Liz knows what that is. So does Calvin actually… that nigga almost laughed himself into a coma lol. Serenity Now is also courtesy of that nigga Drew lol

lol wooo im laughing too hard, imma just stop here.

it was great tho…

FYI – at the moment, im not sober at all.

Thank you, and enjoy yourself for the rest of the day.

And for the muthafuckin record, pepsi and bacardi is nasty as the fuck. althought it is doing the fucking trick right now. its still nasty. coke is much better.