Uhmah Park

My business partner got duped when we moved over here (La Dera Heights). The landscape and buildings are super spiff, the whole lay out or whatever is super spiff. but where the dupafication comes in at is the part where they neglected to tell us that this muthafucka was built on top of the biggest ant hill west of the mississppi.

i have a name for the ants.

the ants are called the Ride or Die ants. These fuckin ants be all over tha fuckin place. they dont giva fuck where they go, or whats goin on. if they feel like it, theyre gonna roll… either one or two… or deep as fuck. Were not dirty or no shit… the ants are all over the WHOLE complex… from the first floor to the 4th floors… to the main office lobby to the parkin structure. everybody bitches about tha ants… no matter how much you spray, your shit isnt safe. they will find a way. ive even seen the muthafuckas in tha dishwasher. Thats how they got the name ” The Ryde or Die Ants.” they are really a pain in the ass. we are moving on monday. fuck the punk ass ryde or die ants.

Earlier today. i made Chicken strips and fries ( niggas was hungry ). i cut some potatoes and fried them muhfuckas. But i cut the chicken breast into strips and dip them in lemon pepper fish batter. GOTDAMN SHIT FUCK that shit was good……… so good… i blacked OUT… but tha gutty part is… Syl ass blacked out too. She was on her computer and i was watchin monday night football. Neither one of us was tired or anything. but after we had that shit we blacked the hell out.

so the name for tha chicken is ” the sleepy chicken ” now ( yes.. everything and damn near everybody has a name ) .

So i black out and i have this dream that i was cooking again… i was cookin tha same shit infact… as a matter of fact… it was damn near a rerun of what i had just did about 20 min previous. But this was a lil different. After i made my plate, i turned to tha fridge to get some ranch and bbq sauce and when i turned back around,  son of a muthafuckin bitch! the Ryde or Die ants have taken OVER my damn plate! these muthafuckas was crawlin all through my fries n shit and carring off my fuckin chicken!! i was so pissed off i didnt know what to do. i woke up with hurt ass feelings. my heart was broke… till i rubbed on my stomach and remembered i was still full from earlier.

thumbs up!

but fuck the Ride or Die Ants still… muthafuckas….