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Yesterday I was rolling around the internet. Yes, I say “rolling around the internet(s)” because, I dont fucking surf. The “surfing the net” has always been lame to me.

Anyway, so I found this here…

Chilli Red Air Max 95s!
These shits are fucking dope!

I was just saying I needed more red in my wardrobe. Apparently these are exclusively at Footaction, and there are like 12 per store. Which is wack. Im sure there are no 13’s left no where. I just checked, and they’re arent. fuckin shit. Anyway, Im also cool on paying 250 for these bitches. If I find myself at a mall though, Im going to have to pester somebody. Although, I have no real faith lol. I know two people that would really lose it over these shoes. One of them is my cousin John. The other person doesnt get mentioned lol. Although, I would have sooo copped these for her at one point. dah well!
I remember John used to have a Ford Escort that was the same color red on these shoes. We used to say that it was pink lol. Shit was the guts. But now that these shoes have come out, and I’d wear them. I’d say that John was rolling around a “Chilli Red” Escort lol.

Next, taking marketing to a whole new level. Now I dont really know anything about this movie, and hoenstly, I dont wanna know. I just want to show up and watch the shit. Im sure it will be live. Every since Home Alone, I refuse to watch previews for movies that look super great off the back. Actually, it was after I saw Dusk Till Dawn, and i didnt know SHIT about the movie. I just showed up with my uncle, he was like… this is gonna be live, its a vampire movie, shut up and just watch it. I fucking HATE most vampire movies first of all. But Dusk Till Dawn is still to this day, one of my favorite movies. I wasnt ready for SHIT that happen in that movie. Thats how I prefer things. I like shock and awe in movies. Something I dont know. None the less… Im not trying to see any previews for this movie… im about to talk about lol.

Rightious Kill

Maybe its me, but the poster makes me feel like this movie is gonna be super live. Al and Rob, instant magic first of all. Thats what Hollywood movie making is all about right there lol. Secondly Im mad that I really wanna wear a movie shirt….. That isnt a classic yet at least. lol. Kinda makes me feel like Im in Berlin talking to hella europeans acting like Im president lol. (not that i find anything wrong with that lol)

But here is what the site said that I Jacked this from. Because they tell the tail better than I do lol.

In May 2008, Upper Playground, celebrity tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, and photographer and director Estevan Oriol opened a series of four distinct retail locations in the Skid Row area of Downtown Los Angeles, including a pop up store that features a rotating theme of unique fashion and art concepts for short periods of time.

Beginning on August 14, 2008, the pop up space will be transformed into a tribute to film legends Al Pacino and Robert De Niro as part of their upcoming feature film from Overture Films titled “Righteous Kill.” The film will be released in theaters on September 12, 2008.

SA Studios Global, the creative agency of Oriol and Cartoon, was selected to create the film’s iconic poster, in addition to managing the street and grassroots marketing for the movie. The space will become the exclusive promotional headquarters for “Righteous Kill” and feature a tribute to the film’s stars. Highlights of the space include a customized movie poster wall of all of De Niro and Pacino’s films, and plasma screens throughout the room showcasing Oriol and Cartoon’s favorite scenes from Pacino and De Niro’s film repertoire.

In celebration of the film, SA Studios Global has also collaborated with Upper Playground, to create limited edition “Righteous Kill” apparel.

The “Righteous Kill” promotional space will be open to the public: August 14–September 15, 2008, Tuesday–Saturday from Noon–8 p.m.

The Righteous Kill Space (Next door to Upper Playground & The Last Laugh)
131 East 6th Street
(Located between Los Angeles Street and Main Street in the Santa Fe Loft Building)
Los Angeles, CA 90014

I need to post this on the GreyRepublic.com because Im going to try to show my Black ass up over there some where. I used to go to this after hours spot over there that was pretty live.
Los Angeles residents, are you thinking to your self. Um, Nigga? YOU used to kick it at a AFTER HOURS SPOT around SKID ROW?!

lol yes I did. Had Clever SHOOOOOK the first time we went, that shit was the guts. That nigga never went back out with me on that night again until he was sure I wasnt trying to show up there no more. lol that nigga make his stance clear as fuck. FUCK THAT. lmao.

Here are the two links I stole this from lol:

Rightious Kill Space info: http://www.highsnobiety.com/home/the_daily_news/archive/2008/august/13/upper_playground_x_estevan_oriolmr_cartoon_righteous_kill_collection/index.htm

Chilli Red Air Max 95: http://www.highsnobiety.com/home/the_daily_news/archive/2008/august/13/nike_sportswear_air_max_95_chili_red/index.htm


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