Uhmah Park

This Hornitos commercial is the best 16 second commercial ever. It gives a very interesting awkward story in less than 16 seconds.

So first this guy comes in feeling super proud of his self for smashing some super hot Couger the night before. Then like the cool guy he is, he hands the bottle of fine tequila but he is trying to get it crackin, AGAIN! And he is about to do this all in front of this man.
Which would be cool normally, clearly. Except for his parents are in town and he cant be out there like that. Except for his Moms already beat him to it. With his home boy!

This is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen. I’m SURE there was absolutely no understanding after all the dots were connected. Im just wondering if ol boy still got hit by the bottle lol. Chances are he did. What say you? Would you have clocked this mf with that Hornitos bottle? lol