Return to the end of the 36th Chamber

“Gettin laid taken heads thats my hobby…” – The RZA

Ive been a Wu fan for a long time. I know alot of fellow Wu heads. However it still surprises me to find out there are some people who have never heard he last three tracks of Return to the 36 Chambers. Ive been in the car and Dirty Dancin comes on and theyre like “Whats this?!” its happen at least twice. Which, to me is unacceptable. Mainly because the last three tracks on this album were fucking awesome. The only people who havent heard these three songs, were the unfortunate people who only had the tape of this album, and not the CD. These tracks were only on the CD version.

Cuttin Headz – Featuring The RZA
The Rza killed this shit.

Dirty Dancin – Featuring Method Man
Meth murdered this shit. ODB got his Martin on… i remember we used to go down to the creek.. LOL.

Harlem World
This is just great for no reason. I rock out to this every time it comes on

This album was a fricken classic. I love it. Dont even get me started on the first 7 tracks of the album. I recited Shimmy Shimmy Ya in speech class my senior year in highschool… i was serious as fuck. it was awesome lol.

“What yall niggas dont seem to hear… is that… yall.. cant… fuck with meh!!! … I SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDD…”
do you know how good it feels to tell somebody this shit? mean it and cant nobody dispute its truth?! way too good. i imagine it feels better than a crack high. its a feeling that will change your perspective, your frame of reference. it will change you, turn you into a different person. you wont even be ashamed or feel bad about it.

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