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Retiring from the Favor Business.

i have been hella busy lately. on top of my usual work load i promised a couple of my friends that i would shit for them.

a LONG ass time ago… i told that nigga calvin that i would redesign his weblog. his dad said that the previous layout lacked “flava”. i dont know how or why i took it kind of peronally. i installed it and all. but shit… lol. anyway… i told that nigga id give his shit the once over. And when you do shit for free… as far as im concered… you have ALL the right in the world to bullshit as long as you feel like.
Well i think somebody was lookin out for Calvin because a former friend of mine BULLSHITED and then pissed me off… when i was ALREADY giving her a break on a price for her website ( we USED to be cool ). i gave her a HELL of a break and she still wanted to be an ungreatful muthafucka. Calvin was online when i had got off the phone with ol girl, pissed the fuck off. i sent him the link for the orginal layout i did for her… he liked it, and i was like dogg you want this?!?! its yours!
and calvin came up on a free website out of PURE spite. i have been knowing the nigga since like 97, and that is the homie… so that played a part in it too. but usually i dont do things for free. ( i get paid for my time ) but i was SO PISSED. knowing this girl aint gonna EVER see this nigga calvin site… i put a lil bit extra on it just because it could have been that dope… and i didnt want it to go to waste… because i had no use for it really. so fuck it.
true… i took my time… i showed this nigga this shit like… pssshhh at least november lol. and im just now getting it done lol. none paying projects always get put on the back burner… lol
so thats one down….
oh yea… here is the link to calvins site with his new shit

Next my good friend Errin asked me to make her invitations for her three state/city month long birthday bash coming up. and i agreed. only because imma try to hustle her for a ticket out to orlando LOL. she doesnt know that yet tho lol.

But yea… after errins invitations. i am offically retired from the favor business. its no more… do it for me and thanks… its Do this for me and i have some money for you. or we can barter some shit ( and i am NOT easy to please ).
im so done with favors… i hate favors lol. i be hard pressed to find people that do me favors… but then again. i dont really ask. because i cant stand for people to half ass shit for me. gotdamn.
i actually have issues with asking people for things. its hard as hell for me to ask anybody for ANYTHING. i dont care what it is… i always have to prep my self for it.
Maybe its because i dont like for people to tell me No. i cant stand that shit lol.

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you promised me cheesecake too, punk!

and no there ain’t gon be no bartering for that shit! especially not the AND 1 lol

you know i’ll hit moms up for a pass for you…it’s the only way you’ll come to orlando!

and calvin’s site rocks! who said you can’t get something for nothing? although i guess friendship does count for something…just not money lol

Dude….man…you are the greatest for real….

I wasn’t sweating the time or anything like that….shit I woulda been cool with my flava-less site for as long as it took…when I first saw the original design I was like, “goddamn”….you are a creative ass mofo….

Thanks again!

OJ breathe baby! *lol* Yeah I know how it is with ungrateful mo fo’s. Case in point. You know my friend with the glass eye? She called me up to give her a ride and I told her I was busy at the moment, but I’ll call her back when I’m done. So she’s all like “oh you’ll have to stop what you’re doing to do this for me”. Pardon? Are you my mom? Only my momma can pull rank like that and even she don’t have it like that. So this broad stopped talking to me for a whole year.

Although she apologized later, I’m just “whatever” on her because I just dislike people who (a) trip on trivial shit and (b) don’t appreciate the fact that I’m giving you a ride when I really don’t have to. But, yeah thats why I don’t do favors for folks unless I know you’re cool peoples and I don’t know very many of those types.

Yo, I have recently been patroning this page, so to speak, and I like the work you do on web pages, namely this one, Calvin’s, and one other blog site of an aqcuaintence of you both. I was wondering if you’d be interested in designing one for me. I’d pay you of course, cause I believe in that shit, as long as it’s not an astronomical figure. Email me at the addy u have from my posts, and I’d appreciate some dialogue on it. Thanks.


damn. i missed the favor deadline. muthfuccah!!! why niggas always gotta mess a good thing up?

thats ok i have something to barter with…muhahahahaha!!!!!!!!

if you dont want the imformation leaked (you know what and you know who), you will befriend me when i come calling.


Shit this is the first blog I’ve read in ma life and I couldn’t help bawlin wiv laughter’’n about the gurl from africa wit a jheri curl LMAO …creative ish…keep it up tho hehehehehe

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