Uhmah Park

This is some of the best shit I’ve ever seen, ever. First of all. I love polo shit. Im eventually gonna spiff up my room. Im secretly trying to NOT decorate my room like the Polo Store. Sigh… Every time I type it or say it out loud, I feel a little bit more strongly that I should do it. As a matter of fact, Im damn near ready to say that I AM going to do that shit lol. I have white blinds, it would look like the catalog in this bitch. Good lord. Anyway. So some time ago, I came by this wonderfully ignorant youtube video.

I am not playing when I say, I seriously love shit like this. These niggas are seriously about it. You gotta fuckin love it! I hope they make that movie. Imma pay to go see it, but Imma steal it on GP! lol The kicker to all this is Thirstin Howl III the all over this shit. Who I’ve been a fan of since I first heard him on Lyricist Lounge, back in the day. This man is so slept on. On one of the Lyricist Lounge tapes and he said my favorite shit to tell punk ass niggas like HASSAN when its time to play some Tekken..  “You can lose or you can lose, those are your options”
lol this nigga says the most outrageous ass shit … first of all this nigga claims he is a Skillionare. Which is the fucking guts. this nigga says, he will battle 80 niggas and have enough rhymes to go first lol. he said he could pick pocket a grass skirt lol “im bout to have rap locked, with rhymes two two a cell” lol “you wouldnt catch me half stepin even if I both feet” lol shit… but the best shit ever. “My ego and my conscious refuse to share the same space”

I know I have a few friends who appreciate shit like this too… and thats why were friends. Everybody else… fuck it, I dont pity you at all. your bad lol.

Now let me go black out.


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