On GP (General Purposes)


Its 9-11.
And everybody wants you to remember.

Well… rememeber this:

People die all the time.

and its always sad.

there was a group of people that died yesterday.

there is a group of people who will die tommorrow.

and it will still be just as sad.

if its one person.

or if its thousands.

it will still be sad.

life goes on…

5 replies on “Remember?”

…man, thats crazy. you think all the dead people in the world care how they died? You think folks in the WTC was like, “Damn, I really don’t mind dying today, I mean, I didn’t have shit else to do, but why couldn’t it be Diabetes? I sho wouldn’t have minded Diabetes. Damn A-rabs!” of course not. Cause once your ass is dead, the situation is that you are dead, and no impact can be made on that situation. folks always tryin to make a distinction between terrorist deaths and people who die from malnourishment and other shit we could ACTUALLY be preventing…but people don’t care nothin about that stuff, unless they got TV specials about it with cute little graphics on the bottom of the screen with slogans like “Uncle Sam: Underfed” or whatever. don’t forget…

I agree with your blog about how when someone dies its just going to be sad and life always goes on. But, 9/11 will always remain in our minds until the day we die because the way they died. Thousands of innocent people were killed. Just regular people going to work, or trying to go home from vacation on the plane. You also can’t forget the dozens of NYPD’s finest going into the towers risking their lives to save those who had no reason for their lives to be risked. I’m just trying to say that the world is all fucked up. I donno.

im SO over 9/11. people talk about that shit more than they do deaths in their own family. unless you knew someone that died in that shit, who fucking cares.

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