Uhmah Park

What in the damn hell is this here about?!!? First off, why is this man covered in suds? Bathrooms and suds are strictly reserved for hiding titties and ass on women. Making suds sexy. I KNEW good and gotdamn well that these suds were fake but I was still worried as fuck that I would see a part of Ray Lewis I really wasnt trying to see. It was like gotdamn nigga put some fucking clothes on!

Speaking of parts of Ray Lewis I didnt want to see. I cant figure out why, but after he hoped on the Never Ending Story-esque raven, you get a clear shot of this mans bare slave feet. I cant figure out why, but I disapprove and it bothers the hell out of me. This only matters because this product is being marketed towards men. If this product was being marketed towards women, I wouldnt care.

The randomness of this commercial is insane. I speculated earlier that the person that came up with this was at their advertising agency job. Went on break and smoked up a whole blunt by his self in the car. Came back to work and came up with this shit here. I was quickly corrected by my cousin, JD. There is no way weed can be responsible for something like this. It has to be acid. Or something extremely heaver than that.

I cant understand what this is about at all lol Swagger is now, Ray Lewis in suds, thats a bad thing. lol