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Rap Producers Are Assholes

Have you ever been minding your own business, in your car, listening to your favorite hiphop song kind of loud. Then all of a sudden you a police siren out of no where and panic like a muthafucka? Like “where? what? I hear em, but I dont see em!? Hold on. Im trippin? Im trippin…”

I cant name the number of songs that have some kind of sirens in them. But every once a while I get caught slippin. Its wack.

But I figure, most of hiphops audience are individuals with some kind of urban or ethnic background. Also individudals who may have been influenced by the culture or what have you. Who play their music loud in their car. Who may or may not be rolling dirty. Or High as fuck. Or drunker than they are suppose to be. This same audience has some sort of negative attitude towards the police in the first place. The last thing you wanna hear is sirens for any reason. If you get caught slippin bad enough, you might fuck around and drop your blunt or have what feels like a small heart attack.

Im sure Im not the only person who feels this way. So I cant help but feel that rap producers put sirens in their beats just to fuck with hiphop fans around the world. Which makes them assholes. Its not that its not funny. Its just not funny till like 20 minutes later. After your nerves have all the way calmed lol.

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