Uhmah Park

i like tha cleavland indians…

and the atlanta braves…

the redskins aint my favs…

and im pretty sure im missin a couple.

but i cant buy none of the atire because that shit is HELLA damn racist.

i was talkin to tha homie tha other day and i was tellin him how racist that shit is… and how fucked up it is and yap yap yap… we both agreed it was pretty fucked up.

and i went on to tell him how chris rock was talkin about tha same shit ( long long long ass time ago when he was a nobody ) and he was sayin that… ” how are you gonna have tha Washington Redskins… the Cleavland Indians… what kinda Racist bullshit is that?!?! you might as well have a team called the New York Niggas!! ” this nigga falls tha fuck out laughin… tha shit is pretty funny… but THIS nigga goes on to say… YEA! that shit would be tha guts if cities had teams named after tha shit that the city is known for.

we came up with tha following:

The Los Angeles Vatos

Tha New York Niggas

The Watts Crips

The New Jersey Car Jackers/Theives we couldnt agree on this one

The Alabama Hicks

The Georga Country Niggas

The Chicago Pimps- this one… tha logo has a pimp hat titled off the S witha feather in it. and its black and gold…. woo that shit was funny….

The Texas Klans Men

fuck… i cant remember the rest…

please feel free to submit your own…

ill be gone for a couple days…

gotta move… ugh.


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