Uhmah Park


i promise to try to post more… imma TRY… no promises… i may end up posting like 3 times in one day or some shit… but imma TRY to post more often.

so… whats gonna happen is… if im near my computer… ill just post my thoughts. thats the reason i started this shit anyway.

so… today i was pacing right. ( i pace ALOT ) and i remembered this t shirt i saw this girl had on one day. ( cant remember where i was )

Its always funny, till somebody gets hurt…….. Then its fucking halarious!

wooo shit lol gutty material.
actually what it was… deah hit me up asking me if i saw that video where some bus in ohio filled with kids turned over to its side. the kids on the left side of the bus, FUCKED UP the kids on the right side.
lmao its the guts
( fyi, nobody was seriously injured lol )
them kids look ALL folded after they realized… gotdamn this shit just flipped to its side and i got feel on / feel on somebody.
lol mad bumps and bruses


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