Uhmah Park

Its a well known fact that people get frunk as duck on saint pattys day. Its also a well known fact that the holidays offical color is green.
So why dont people Smoke on saint pattys day, instead of drink. Makes more sense to smoke. Smoke some green! GREEN LEAVES in fact! not a clover, but you get the picture. the leaf im talkin about aint round, but pointy… but how hard is it to imagine that one could not see the correlation. Makes more sense if you ask me.

So how about some randomness?

Mike Jones… i dont have a big problem with this man. Although is skills on the mic are …. well to say his skill leave something to be desired, i mean… thats not really putting the proper lid on it. However… in spite of that…. I like some of his tracks. Dont ask.
Anyway… with me actually liking something about this mans music… i took it upon myself to "Acquire" his album. I sat thru that whole shit… and i think he repeated the same 300 words over and over again… in different order over different tracks with different beats. but the same 300 words. you WILL hear the following on practically every song: i got 84s something or the other… princes cuts this or that…. his cell phone number… purple stuff in my cup… something something is what im throwing up… something about his shit being clean… and thats all i can think of right now. but there are a few more. trust me.

Those of you that play basketball have all been on the court when the WHOLE gotdamn game is stoped… and some nigga is like… HOLD UP! MY CONTACT FELL OUT! and then this nigga searches the ground for his dirty ass contact that hopefully no one stepped on. But what if a nigga with a glass eye was playing? and his glass eye fucked around and fell out his head!!! how nasty would THAT be?! lol im a basketball nigga… and i been hangin around basketball niggas all my life. this is what would happen… if that shit rolled around on the ground… niggas would avoid that shit like it was an elephant avoids a rat on the cartoons. hoppin over it around it, backin offa it n shit… and the niggas on the side lines thats watchin the game… are going to fall the fuck out laughin… but a few of them might be shocked first lmao. and that story would NEVER get fucking old. Damn i almost wish the shit really happen now, and i was there to bare witness.

… BET Uncut is on my tv right now. I was trying to get my commercialism ( i was watchin regular bullshit earlier ) on for a min. something i like to do randomly. but now bet uncut is on… and this bullshit here. there is some song called shake yo sally. and there is some bitch with a mustache on the video… like with other video hoes… there is one muhfucka up there who has a mustache… a girl. she damn near look like money mike. But its Uncut… i suppose i shouldnt be surprised.

Nigga, does anthony hamilton have patches of naps on his face? like nap patches, on random spots on his face. like they look like islands of naps. not regular naps either… pubic hair naps. sir… you are a reasonably sucessful soul singer…. shave muthafucka. and while youre fucking at it… take a gotdamn comb to your head nigga. shit. walkin around lookin like an extra from the color purple. i can almost understand the clothes… youre an artist, this is your style, youre different n shit… abstract and what not. but comb your nappy ass hair! shit looks like taco meat. it looks like this nigga harvests naps on his head. he’d probably slang them shits if he could… but who wants to buy naps!? the moral of that sentence? nigga your naps are doing you no good no matter which dumb ass way you slice it! somebody get them that big black plastic ghetto comb and tackle that nigga to the ground and comb his shit! is the nigga Jamaican? or from some kinda island ( or from canada? lol ) that might be excusable. maybe if the nigga was from south america or some shit… Dominican. something… but… im not thinking so. comb your shit. cut it… something. …. or dont… fuck it… talking about your nap-dom is fun. it can be a group activity or some shit.

Chris Wilcox looks like clifford the dog, with dreds.

im done. im blackin out.


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