Uhmah Park

I dont know who the fuck put Ashton Kutcher up on the word “Punked”. But as far as I know, its not all laughs and smiles in a camera after somebody gets punked. Usually, as far as I know, when somebody gets punked, they basically got made out to be a bitch to some degree.

Kinda like this right here:


You dont EVER EVER EVER let anybody touch you on your face like that. In a hostile situation? This man clearly has a problem and has aproached you as such! And then places his fucking hands on your face?!!?!? And you just stand there?!?!?!


Dirk was clearly shook. David West treated him like he wasnt SHIT. Gotdamn lol. Think about it… How UNAFRAID of some one do you have to be to be EXTREMELY HOT with them, but choose not to beat they ass, but instead just give them a little tap on the face because they CAN. And what the fuck are YOU going to do about it?!?! SHIT! THATS WHAT!


Dirk didnt push him off him or nothing. No face mush, nothing! This man is a 7 foot GERMAN! I thought germans were waaaay rougher than that. You know what, Im going to continue to think that not all Germans are soft. Just Dirk. Gotdamn. The mavs will never win a damn thing fuckin with Dirk lol. Dirk has a vagina. Clearly. He should have just handed over his damn check.

This is almost as bad as this:

LMAO. This shit right here is probably the worst shit you could do to somebody in this situation. lmao

This could only get worse if he told him to slap his self, and he did lol.


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