Uhmah Park

If by chance, you were sitting around one day, wondering if you were a weenie. Well I have the perfect test for you. If you think you might get great use out of this product, then there is a 99% chance you might be a weenie. With a 1% chance for special circumstances. I cant think what any of those special circumstances would be off hand. I dont know, maybe if you keep burning your fingers on your blunts and they temporarily hella sensitive… and you need to send a text message. Watch the video for an explanation. Text could never really do this product any justice.


If you ever need fucking protective guards to shield your sensitive ass from your phone keys. Then I basically guarentee you that youre a damn weenie lol.

And dont come with that bullshit… Oh I text alot and my fingers start hurting sometimes. The only thing that means, is that you need to stop texting so gotdamn much. Nothing is that important to where you have to text so gotdamn much that your fucking fingers start to fucking hurt.If your fingers are starting to hurt (which i dont dout is possible) then its probably time to put your fucking phone down and make a fucking phone call already lol. Either that or send a text message saying. hey… my damn fingers are starting to hurt. ill get back.

LOL I do give the inventors a lil bit of props. Mainly because I wish I thought of this shit. I mean, while I might be calling my customers weenies still. I just hope those same people werent standing behind me in the line at the bank while Im talking shit… walking their doe to the bank lol. But the one thing I can give a high five for. Is that you get more than 1 pair, and the pouch doubles as a screen cleaner LOL. Which EVERYBODY needs lol.


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