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Birthday Money Tree


The virtual money situation is in effect! Some how, some way, I have never had a money tree at a birthday gathering of mine. So this year I’ve constructed this here money tree for family, friends, admirers and strangers to contribute to. Because everybody doesn’t have the means or time to buy a gift. However, there are the awesome group of people who are willing to contribute a dollar or two or four or ten and so on and so forth and carrying on.

Thank you in advance, you are hella awesome and appreciated!



Product Description

On May 27th, 1979 at some point in the morning, I was born. Every since then, every year on that same day, people from various parts of the world have gotten together to celebrate the day I showed up. Lucky me, right? I didnt even ask to be here. But, I show up and I basically have a welcoming party that reunites every year. Its fucking awesome! I love it. Its really the best day of the year for me. Its a damn celebration!

My birthday is a big deal to me, because why not? Its mine. People I know and love give me some kind of gift or special treatment. Sometimes some of us get together, go out and have a great time that we will always remember. Sometimes strangers get in on the welcoming party reunion gives me something. Im the kind of person who looks forward to things like that. I love to celebrate my own birthday. I love to celebrate other people’s birthdays with them; mainly because of the same reasons I love my own birthday. Im super happy for them because its their turn. Because birthdays are great.

For my birthday, I have constructed this here “Virtual Money Tree”. I’ve been to a few birthday parties that had a money tree, and I always thought that was a brilliant idea and a great group gift. So this is my version, because I’m a web developer and I’d hate to deny the people around the world the chance to get in on┬ámy welcoming party reunion situation.

To make a contribution to the money tree, all you have to do is enter your amount and click “Contribute”. You will then proceed to paypal where you can use your credit card or paypal account. You will then be brought back to this site with the warm and fuzzy feeling of gift giving!

Thank you very much! You is smart, you is kind!