Uhmah Park

ay yall….

my best friend is prejudice against ugly people.

foreal… i am in no way bullshiting.

You might even see her post some shit about her not being prejudice against ugly people.

but tha fact of tha matter is…. it took her a hour and a half for her to think of one ugly friend she has.

damn near none of her friends are ugly. and if they are ugly… more than likely she was cool wit them before she saw how they looked. or they bonded under some kind of circumstance. ( like they hated their boss or some shit )

you be the judge.

now… im prejudice… ill admit that shit.

i dont like no muthafuckin body. i dont care who you are.

but i can admit to it.

lol its been a couple hours since i pointed that shit out and she is still denyin it.