posted on the couch. pictured here we have me being lazy as usual, and a tool to help my lazyness and self perceived convince. I finally joined the rest of the world ( some months ago, but i havent been blogging for a min) and got a wireless keyboard and mouse. Since i get busy on photoshop from time to time, i believed (because i was told) that a bluetooth joint would fuck me up when im working. so i scoffed at the whole shit for a long time. well i suppose technology got better. and i walked into the light.

This is a Logitech S 510 . Pretty snazzy, the keyboard is super thin. I love it. Although i do wish this shit had a email button. I do also wish that the buttons where a bit more configurable, but im not complaining. it controls the itunes pretty well. Except for with my new computer it doesnt control the volume anymore. i dont know why. I have a digital out on my new machine (pics and specs coming soon). so i guess thats why.

Damn… this picture is kinda old, my room dont even look like that no more. And those shes are pretty folded these days. i need to clean them shits lol.

I need to get my camera fixed and take pictures of my new shit.

But really what i wanted to do is test out the new gallery thing i installed. Seems to crack, i need to find a way to put a full sized picture in this bitch tho.
– Edit : so i did it manually. but  the gallery thing seems to crack a whole bunch.  im kinda impressed.

More To Come!!

Maybe later. but for now… Entorage onDemand bitches.

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