Uhmah Park



i know many of you have read the story about the robbery ( i dont wanna give it away for the people who havent read tha shit yet… scroll down muhfuckas scroll down… u can not read this shit if you dont read tha one a few post down… when you get to it… u will know ) Anyway… so i guess this shit has sparked a city wide class reunion for the classes of 97 thru 99. everybody is talkin about this dumb bitch and tha stupid shit these muhfuckas did. My sister ran into one of the girls that shenette was cool wit and my sister asked her what she said and tried to get some detail… However… i guess tha muhfucka is smart enough not to release too much because she know EVERYBODY has found out about tha shit. But she did say this ” it was tha dumbest thing ive ever done ” 😐

My offical comments: NO SHIT?!?!?! kinda shit is that?!?! thas tha dumbest thing ive ever done… bitch! mighty gotdamn LATE to make such a judgment now dont you think?

imma have to find a news clipping for yall muhfuckas ( the regular readers ) and post it on here lol

shit… i wanna make a press pass in photoshop and interview her ass lol

dumb muthafucka…

i hope she read this shit and see that people ALL over the internet are laughing at her. dumb ass.


if there were no dumb asses… the world would be a bornig ass place