Uhmah Park


“Pluto is not in a zen place…” is what Sylvia said after seeing this video, shit was the guts lmao.

lol I hate bad ass little kids, and if they just happen to get fucked up for being bad, then oh well. lol

So apparently the little boy being chased kicked Pluto in the balls. Which, as far as im concerned, is unacceptable no matter what, in every circumstance. Even if youre right. Nothing justifies a kick in the nuts. (maybe unless pluto grabbed his ass or something lol)

Not that im above kicking a muthafucka in they nuts, My only thing is, Im gonna be prepaired to defend my self or proceed with kicking that persons ass all together.

My message here is… no matter what, even if youre right. If you kick a mutahfucka in they nuts, be prepared to fucking defend your self, or finish whooping ass, which ever. Dont fuckin run. I dont care how old you are. If you run, that means you know you did wrong. AND you did the shit on purpose! Fuck that lol. I personally wouldnt care, probably even if its my own damn child. I might be doing the ass whooping in that instance, but still, unforgivable crime in my eyes lol. I hope they gave that man the day off with pay and kicked the kid and his punk ass parental unit(s) out the fucking park lol


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