Uhmah Park

At least thats what I think. I’ll admit to being a tad ignorant to this whole case, Ive honestly been trying to ignore the shit. But since I black out with SportsCenter on most nights, I have been subject to this bullshit anyway. As hard as Ive tried not to listen, because… fuck man, who fucking cares? What ever the hell happen is surely not more important than highlights and Kenny Mayne antics. I can understand one segment a day. That would annoy me, but 3 and 4 segments is ridiculous!

However, I do have a wild theory. And since this is what every body is talking about, hell, I’ll talk about it too.
So here is the situation. Plexico Burress, wide receiver for the New York Giants… was at a night club. Apparently, he took a .40 Glock into the club. I guess they dont search celebs in NY. Not like celebs dont bring guns into the club in NY. Whatever, we will let that slide. So Plexico, has a gun on him. Tucked in his waist, in his sweat pants. Thats right, sweat pants. My question is… I understand this guy might be a dumb ass. But who wants to try to hold their strap up ALL NIGHT… IN THE CLUB. Youre a professional athlete, youre gonna be getting attention all night. All kinds of girls are gonna be rubbing their asses all on you. You have sweat pants on! A glock is gonna get in the way of alot of action. If youve been in the league for years, and have the fucking audacity to wear fucking sweat pants to the fucking club… then im sure you already know having a gun between you and some big booty girl is a bad idea.
Ok. So Plex is in the club, sweat pants, gun in waist. Apparently he was drunk, had some drinks… had a drink in his hand. The gun began to slip. This guy shoots his self in the leg. Nothing serious, just a flesh wound. bullet basically grazed him, and isnt still in him at all. As far as I know at least. And then since would be law up holders in New York / New Jersey are ASSHOLES for the most part. The police decided to arrest him on weapons charges.
But when the news first broke, nobody said anything about Plex shooting himself. All this comes out after he has to explain why he was in the hospital with a gun shot wound. If he told the police that he shot his self at the hospital, then shouldnt that have been the first report out? The police are interviewing everybody who was there, why? The people they want to interview, dont wanna talk, why?
I used to own a glock, and I know what it takes to fire one. Its super hard to pull the trigger on accident. Thats why its a Glock. They dont have a traditional safety. Your finger has to be all the way through the trigger part (i cant remember what its called). And you have to pull the trigger all the way back. The safety is in the middle of the trigger, for that purpose. 
Another thing. To me, Plex doesnt look like he is taking that walk of shame. If you just shot your self in the leg, there is no way you dont feel like a total jack ass. With the cameras flashing, the fact that you ALSO think youre a dumb ass is gonna show up on your face.

To me, this look like somebody that is taking a L, trying not to snitch. I think everybody know what happen. I dont know what could have possibly happen. Im not sure. I just have a ton of doubt. I say somebody is lying. Maybe somebody was after him, thats why he had the gun. And that person shot him and missed and everybody is scared to tell. I dont know. Something better than I shot myself like a dumb fuck. Either that or this man is super shameless. Which is also possible. I mean, anybody celeb that isnt Shaq should not be rolling around in your uncle leeotis’s van on rims equipped with satellite TV. Oh, Im bullshiting?

LOL what the fuck man. Im not saying that every star has to roll some flossy shit. But what the fuck is this all about. I have to hear this. I bet its just as funny as the story about the time he shot his self in the leg like a dumb fuck because he wore fucking sweat pants to the club and his strap slipped down his leg. IF this man REALLY did have a gun in his sweat pants. Im kind of mad he didnt shoot his self in the dick. Or the bullet didnt graze a ball or some shit. That would have been the ultimate lesson teacher. If anybody that rolls a fan like this and has this bullshit chin hair. Im sure the most valuable thing he got out of this was to not wear sweat pants and carry while trying to carry a gun. Next time, he will wear jeans. But maybe him and PacMan are trying to out dumb each other. Who knows. Maybe next time he might hot box the van in front of a elementary school and sell nicks out the window, but giving shot gun hits to the kids as testers for the quality of weed he is slangin.

Anyway. Im just sayin. Its possible. lol