Uhmah Park

Have you ever tried to call some one on their cell phone and heard the phrase: Please enjoy this music while youre party is reached.

This is potentially the worst shit ever. Because what happens when the song that comes on is some song you hate, and youre calling one of them muthafuckas that ALWAYS take a long time to pick they gotdamn phone. Or rarely at all ( im one of them niggas lol – AND i wont call yo ass back lol im as bad as JD Now. So now you gotta sit through up to 60 seconds plus of song you hate or dont like or irritates you.

And then of course from there, youre like… fuck calling this person. Primarily because you dont wanna have to possibly sit through that punk ass song again. And if youre one of those people who hate other people for doing shit you perceive as too lame (like 90% of the niggas I know)… chances are youre about to stop fucking with this person all together, over this wack song.
Kinda like this commercial right here:


PLAYA! get it right bitches! lmao hold up hold up.  I really do wish I would see a MAN with this tattoo foreal, I might just follow that muthafucka and heckle him until he fought me or until my heart was content and I said everything there was to possibly say about that man. Anyway….

Ive actually stopped talking to a few people because they were just way too wack for me, like seriously wack and downtrodden muthafuckas lol (a few of them people may be reading this right now lol – oops lol). But usually I let people slide on the wackness. I mean, who am I really to say I refuse to be your friend because you might really love a few things that are wack, or just have a wack ass opinion about shit in general, or you look super wack. One mans gold right? Who am I to say youre gold is too wack for me to be associated with lol.  I know that 90% of people I know, most of them do something super wack enough that if the shoes were reversed, they probably wouldnt fuck with me no more. But whatever, it is what it is.

There was this one girl, who announced on yahoo messenger that she loved that first Khia single, My neck, My Back. Yea, had to cut her off. Just like that nigga on the commercial. Fuck that. Dont think I didnt at least try to find out why she liked the song either. She said something like, its bumpin or some shit. I dont know… it was enough for me to peace her out for good. I can substain alot of ignornace. That shit though, is just going way too far.

But anyway… like I was saying, there is always the other side of that, whole enjoy the music while your party is being reached. You could actually like the song, and be singing the shit when the person picks up the fucking phone. lol which I could almost see putting on my phone just to catch niggas singing the shit when I pick up. And Id put some shit that people think they know the words to, and then when I pick up the phone, it will be like my own personal Singing Bee Show. lol
I have a homeboy that calls me the Pink Panther (for a buncha retarded reasons lol) and everytime I call this nigga, JUST ME, the fucking Pink Panther song comes on lol. Aint that about a bitch? lol muthafucka. I talk shit to that nigga every time I get a chance because of that shit lol bastard.