Uhmah Park

I was raised in the hood called what the diffrence
The brothers in the hood be chivalrous
So I rest defense on my ligaments
Pistol grip pump on my lap, riskin it
Full life living it, never giving it back
Too late for slipping, so slack up
On my lap its on your lips so track shot
A steel dick more clip for pump but
All Im saying there aint no question who the man is
In my civic or in this show biz
I drill the fool, kill the fool
Come on what you say?
I think I can take care of all you muthafuckas dont delay right away

Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times

They can be fucking with other niggas shit, but they cant be fucking with mine

– Pistol Grip Pump – Volume 10.

Sigh, This is one of my favoritest songs ever. I love that shit, the beat is hard as fuck. Volume 10 delivery is fuckin crazy as fuck.
That shit could make the wrong nigga feel like he really got a shotgun on his lap (which is an uncomfortable way to roll around the city by the way), thinkin he hard as shit, mad doggin niggas like… I WISH A NIGGA WOULD! For like 3 whole min, till the song goes off and surprise. No shotty lol.

Anyway. This has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. But one day, this song kinda took on a new meaning. Or just reminds me of a time I was scared for my life rather. Everytime, I hear one of my favorite songs.

Why? Well, one sunny day in Fontana, California. Me and my peoples were rolling home from school. I was driving. Mind you, I used to drive a pretty thugged out car. I had a 84 Burgundy Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. It was my dads car, but around the time I had learned to drive, he let me drive it for months. So I basically drove it most of my senior year in highschool. I used to get gang banged on in this fucking car all the gotdamn time. But whatever.
So on said sunny day, for whatever fucking reason… I decided it was alright for me to pack my car full of muthafuckas. It was me, my sister, natasha, lonnie, kesha, deandre, and dwyane (i could be hella wrong but I know some of them niggas was there). Stuffed the fuck up in this two door car, rollin home, because all of us stayed close to each other, or was going to the same spot. So Im going the normal, expected way to the house. Were all talkin, having a good time and for no reason at all, my black ass decided to turn down a random street. For those of you that may happen to be familar with the layout of Fontana. I was on baseline and I made a random right down palmetto. I dont know why, because there is a girl who stay on that street I dont even fuckin like (still dont like the bitch to this day lol).
I suppose everybody thought it was a bit weird that I turned on this street, but it was on the way, no biggie. Were rollin….

Then all of a sudden, I see this bladhead mexican dude peek and step from behind this big ass van and he has a pistol grip shotgun in his hands and he is ready to get busy. He was dressed in all black. This man was on a fuckin mission. He stepped out into the street and looked right into the car as I was coming down the street. He looked me right in my eyes as I was rolling up and I didnt even have time to be fucking terrified, the only thing I could think of is… fuck stoping… if this nigga points this shit at me im going to murder him with this big ass car, duck and hope for the best. But he didnt point that shit at us, he didnt even look at me like I was on his mind, he was just waiting to cross the street and get live.  But as that man was on the side of me and I was still staring in his face, I was holding my breath… wasnt shit gonna help me if he changed his mind like … SIKE! We was all done for. I dont even remember who all in the car saw ol boy or not. I know a couple of people did and was scared shitless lol. I know my black ass was terrified as the fuck exactly. I thought he was about to try to jack us or something. Or just on some random violence shit.
But as we was coming up on dude I punched it, fuck it. I ran the stop sign on miller n shit lol I was OUT!! But!!!!! A nigga like me… lol as soon as I felt we was far enough away, my dumb ass and pulls over in front of a big ass truck (no strays for me thanks lol) and started looking back and listening for gun shots… sigh lol. I know I know… I took off after I realized how dumb that shit was lol. We all wanted to hear if anything cracked off tho lol fuck it lol we was far enough away lol. Fuck that tho, we left.

We thought we were fuckin done. I know I did, that was one of the more terrifying things Ive been though.


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