Uhmah Park


other than valentines day havin a ganga pink shit involed ( and red shit too cuzz *private joke* ) i actually like valentines day…. usually i get plenty affection on valentines day.

and for the first time… in a long time ( probably ever ) i only had ONE valentine…

i never saw this shit commin…

its cool tho…

only wanted one… couldnt handle no more this go round lol

and besides…. i had a good day. ( wooooo )

even tho i was working most day ( only means more money… wooooo some more ).

its probably the last time ever…. ( even if im married with rugrats )

wont really be some shit i can help. just tha way shit happens…

its cool tho… i dont mind… long as i dont ever have to buy expesive gifts lol

only person i like to buy shit for is my self…

i have a hard time spending money on females who doent deserve it. and it takes so much to deserve a present from my black ass lol. i just cant do it.

if she deserves it… pshhh i dont care how much i spend.

but if a muhfucka want some shit on gp??? ah hell naw… i couldnt even bring my self to perchase a halmark.

im not cheap… i just dont perchase affection.

fuck that…


today i was in the mall…

and i saw this guy….

this big guy…. dude was about six four… carcasian ( i reliezed i spelled this fucked up in my last post… and probably spelled it fucked up here to ) long hair… hairy face… and enough stomach to hold a 3rd grader in….

not a regular ass stomach…

it looked like he had swallowed a fuckin wrecking ball… and it was all GUT and POUCH… like… tha fat was just posted on his legs. it wasnt one of those fat guys who have titties…

it was one of those fat guys who looks they are pregnat with a fuckin kid ( baby goat for the slow muhfuckas ).

so… i saw dude out of the corner of my eye… and i looked… and noticed he had flowers in his hand.


i dont know man…. but to me… it kinda looked like somebody was about to endure yet another day of being stalked by this guy.


it looked like somebody was about to embark on the first reason, of many, on aquiring a restraing order against this guy.


how you seen mad tv? when they do that skit….. ” Lowered Expectations “?? …real life case, right there.

man… im not one to talk about big people really… but this guy was fricken gross ( yea i said fricken ) not only was he shaped like a pear…. but he had a neck jerking odor. you know the odor where your head trys to get out of the way/turn away before you body can react? yea man…. dude was hair n shit. and the buttons at the bottom of his shirt was givin it all they had.

muhfucka just waldeling around lil kids holding hands n shit.

twas kinda tha guts.