Uhmah Park

Last Sunday, we went to the Do Over in Hollywood. While posted outside sipping on some Sangria, we notice Redman pass by in a SUV. This nigga gets out and I notice he had on some pretty fresh Air Max’s. I pointed em out to Yong, our local shoe guru. Then a few days later, he sends me a link on ebay to cop. Which is how Ive bought more than a few pair of shoes as of late … just like I did when he sent me this link. However though, on Ebay, it did say that they were like white and “Infa Red” which in Nike talk, that means fucking CORAL! Well at least to me it looks like Coral lol. But if you stare at them long enough and simultaneously lie to yourself. And then take a shitty picture with your web cam. Like so….

and tahdaa!!! Them shits is Infared and Im keepin them shits. They are also comfortable as hell. Yay for me n shit.

Speaking of Redman, on nahright.com, dude posted a live ass video of Redman in Atlanta the other day. Shit was great. Ive been a Redman fan for years. I remember the first time I actually seen that nigga in person, was in Atlanta. I was at skating rink, there were celebrities every where. I ran straight into that nigga, while on skates lol then tried to play it off like… YO! Your shits tight nigga! This nigga stepped back and looked at me like what the fuck? lol ah man. Im already 6’6’’ and in skates, this nigga is under 6 foot. I probably looked like a giant to that nigga is what probably happen lol. However though… I have been listening to this nigga music for years, and he has always talked about how he gotta big ass head. That nigga is NOT bullshitting. LOL WOOOOOO. lol Anyway. On to the video, shits live, enjoy!

Redman Performing @ The Loft in Atlanta from Broccolicity TV on Vimeo.