Uhmah Park

( the title is tha guts for personal reasons lol ……. anyway )

my gas bill is 18 muthafuckin cents

and i think that shit is tha guts.

because it cost the gas company more to print the shit and send it. lol

but on the other hand… my electricity bill is damn near 300 bucks…

i have 3 computers, tv’s and the AC runnin all day….. oh and lights, because its dark as fuck in here… but fuck it… its hot… i cant sit in a hot ass house… not no more at least lol.

my mom told me… when you get your own shit… then you can turn on tha gotdamn AC!!

and i be abusing that shit to no end lol… fuck a fan lol

i live in the valley… and the fuckin devil stays in the apt above me.

so its ALWAYS hot in this shit… even if its cold outside sometimes… shit sucks.