Uhmah Park

Anybody that knows me knows I’m a huge Laker Fan. I’ve never blogged about the Lakers too much, because I always get trapped into defending Kobe’s character as a person. And as a basketball player and los angeles resident and disenchanted muthafucka over all… I can say that Kobe Bryant is my fucking favorite basketball player since The Duce Tray himself. But me and that nigga aint fucking friends. I dont know why he is arrogant, ok? But I can assure you the shit doesnt fucking bother me, Im pretty arrogant most of the time my gotdamn self. I dont know why he talked to the po about Shaq’s affairs and I really dont fucking care because Shaq aint my gotdamn friend either. I love shaq and all his bullshiting these days. But seriously, its not my gotdamn fight. Im just a fucking fan. I dont give a fuck what a muthafucka does off the court. Other than having a LILLY white ass wife ( Yes im talking about Tim Duncan ). I dont have a problem with white people or interracial relationships. But for some reason… Black Athletes marrying super blond lilly ass white girls bothers me just a tad. I dont know why. I dont really care at the end of the day.

Anyway. With that being said and out the way. All of Laker land is rejoicing at kwame brown being traded to the Grizzlies. We couldnt thank Jerry West enough! Way to stay true to the purp! Im sure Mr. West will also win in this deal some how, but I cant see that shit now because the tears of joy wont stop streaming from my fucking eyes!!!

And since my cousins and I give everybody on the laker team some kind of nick name. My nick name for Pau, is now White Jesus. WJ for short hand for text messaging during games lol. Not only does this man look like a 7 foot tall rough ass impersonation of alot of peoples lord and savior Jesus Christ. But he saved us from Kwame; Who in this analogy, would be The Romans – or everything thats wrong with the world – or just a pure fucking sin lol. Same difference lol.

Just incase you were wondering here goes a half hearted list of all the nicknames I can think of for any Laker I can think of. Friends of mine… feel free to comment with anything you got or can remember your selves.

Kwame Brown – aka – TWATTY Brown – aka – Stand Around Brown
Jordan Farmar – aka Travelocity
Javaris Crinttington – aka – The Critter. Only because its hard as fuck to type his name out on txt – i know i didnt spell the shit right. AND its hard to say that shit correctly. So sad to see this guy go. but if it means kwame is gone. PEACE NIGGA! lol them is the breaks!! sorry nigga! This man also looks like my nigga Dell, and we call him that as well lol.
Brian Cook – aka – “DONT SHOOT THAT!!!! FUCK!” im glad this nigga is gone too!
Samaki Walker – aka – Voldamort (we dont speak his name – i forgot it for years! thats how serious niggas was about this shit)
Lamar Odom – aka – LAMARTE – pronounced Lamar-tay. Just ghettofying that mans name for no good reason.
Luke Walton – aka – Soup Walton – i dont know who said this shit one day after luke got dunked on but that shit was the guts lmao
Kobe – aka – Dolo Locc – (“you niggas know me / I smoke alot of weed and say / fuck a pass like kobe” – snoop – the wash. yea i got the soundtrack lol )