Uhmah Park

lol ha!

Pam: how do ya talk on these joints
Pam: its 50 bucks
Pam: and plays mp3
OJ: ear peice i think
Pam: nawwww
Pam: i hate earpeices
OJ: lol
Pam: my momma be having the hookup.. she got some guy on the way here now with a 10 dollar microwave and a 10 dollar 13 inch tv
OJ: a crack head?
Pam: lmao.. first thing i asked her
Pam: she said naw.. he get this shit from his job
Pam: he prob stealing it
OJ: lol u know?
OJ: cuz he a crack head!
Pam: lmaooo
Pam: he’s tha music teacher @ her school.. i dunno where else he work, that he get this shit
OJ: he dont work…
OJ: he smoke rocks!
Pam: cracks up
OJ: his job is breaking into shit and selling that shit for those taliban cut throat prices…
Pam: u silly.. hell naw @ taliban cut throat
Pam: if he got a cordless phone its all good
OJ: lol
OJ: imma have to post this lol
Pam: hell yeah
Pam: and don’t let that nigga come up with an ipod.. u know i’m askin when he get here
Pam: and let me hide my digital cam while i’m at it
OJ: hell yea
OJ: and dont let that nigga all the way in your house lol
Pam: cracks up
Pam: ya know
Pam: brb.. let me hide some shit before he get here.. cuz that has crackhead written all over it
OJ: LMAO!!! way to see the light!!!

where are the crackheads when you need them? a nigga needs a fuckin ipod out this bitch!
i think they all sell shit on ebay now…. that shit is like the bazzars from way back when. you steal you some shit… and go sell it at the market place.
Ebay is what swapmeets would be, if they didnt charge for rental space.
YOU KNOW crackheads and gangstas would be sellin all kinds of stolen ass, no warrenty, no money back ass goods, for hella cheap.
but, you ever wonder how muthafuckas on ebay are able to sell some of that shit for those great ass prices?
did it fall off the back of a truck or some shit? am i gonna have a problem, if i take this shit to the manufactuer if it break?!
but fuck it… it cracks.

fuckin JD… has a theory, about how being a crackhead isnt so bad. its the guts.


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