i just remembered somethin…

Why is NY praising Giuliani?

i thought they hated his ass?

So some assholes run a couple 747’s into a the bigest buildings ever, and automaticly the mayor of that city becomes some kinda hero?

what kinda shit is that?

what has he really done?

If somebody crashed the planes into tha sears towers in chi, would the mayor of chi been a hero?

Seems to me, that NY went thru some major shit… and giuliani, happen to be tha mayor at the time… so he did tha mayor thing to do and took care of his city. Like any other mayor would do… like they are suppose to do.

nothin wrong with that…. thats a good thing… at least he proved he had some kind of spine, no matter if his efforts were self serving or not ( not that they were, i dont know… but if you think about it… its not tottaly out the question. ) he didnt run of none of that good shit. so i guess thats a good thing.

but still, does that make him a hero… when it comes down to it, he was just doing his job.

but then,

here this Asshole (giuliani) goes, with some arabian prince. i cant remember it was a min ago and i dont feel like doing a search.

Ok so i think tha arab prince was from Saudi Arabia… and he comes to NY to persoanlly delivered 10 mil for the Twin Towers Fund, Then gave a speech, saying that the attacks on the US were caused by US policy in the middle east. Basiclly what dude said is, the UN ordered Isreal out of the the West Bank and the Giza strip DECADES ago, but there still there, and nobody has done shit about it. While palestinians are murdered every day by isrealis, And everybody turns the other cheek.

The reason israelis and palestians are fighting is because, the US and Britian came and cleared out what is now israel for all the jews from germany after WW2, creating israel. Skanless you say? why yes! mighty damn skanless if you ask me. How do you just go and make room for muhfuckas whos not suppose to be there? They have been figthing for 50 plus years now, and israel steadly gets help from the US as far as weapons go… this is the only reason israel is still in exsistance.

Anyway thats another post

but the prince was saying that people are being killed everyday in palestin for years and nobody cares, when in all actuallity, its just as ferice act of terrorism on the palestian people as it was the american people. And dude was tryin to make that known. I mean damn… Just as many people have died… if not more… it just wasnt instant… it took some years…. 20 here 8 there…. but none the less… same shit if you think about it.

lol i personally think he didnt have to say AMERICAN policys urged the attacks ( which they did, but there is a time and a place for everything ) he could have just made his point that there is terrorism in palestine similar to the attacks that have just occured, that no one cares about and there should be something done about it… but he had something to say, and he wanted people to be aware of what was going on, and the government on what they were doing ( even tho im sure them muhfuckas know ).

But here goes giualiani saying that he rejects those statments, saying something along the lines of, you cant compare what goes on there to what happen here.

WHAT?!?!?!? Why tha fuck not?!?!? thats some fucked up shit to say… even I wouldnt say no shit like that…

just because YOU stay here? i mean of course us that live in this country arent really feeling the effects of terrorism in palestine because we dont stay there. but NOW this country knows how that shit feels.

Its that kind of arrogance that got this country, attacked for one.

he goes on to say how that is tha type of talk that contributes to the problem. ????????? how? to me that would be part of the SOLUTION because what he was sayin is that the middle east has been getting fucked over. all they want is respect, but get fucked over instead. and the disrespect is what taunted the attacks. sounds like the road to recovery to me. by indentifyin the REAL problem and finding a happy medium where everybody is happy.

anyway… mr hero locc over here goes and tells the prince that he can keep his money and new york doesnt need his money.

dumb ass… not because he didnt take tha money… 10 mil aint shit to a government, but he a dumb ass for his statments, i dont know how he cant realize that kind of shit right there is what prevolked the whole shit.

they ( the powers that be ) aint doin shit but fuckin up shit for the public who has nothing to do with it, we just stay here.

i know this is old ass news, but i meant to post it long time ago. unfortunatly i… uhh fuckin forgot lol… and due to muhfuckas who cant comprehend plain english ( more than one muhfucka ) i got tired and really was on some fuck explaining my self shit. but now… lol im listenin ( or was listening ) to “the watch” ( tony for mayyyoorrr lol ) and i remembered. so i figured… ahh fuck it… ill just type away and wait till my shit on winmx is finished downloading.

since the link below has mysticlly changed on a nigga and nobody knows what im talkin about…

ok… if anybody can make this shit right here work for pc…

ill be your friend

stupid shit…



my heart is broken…

you cant use these shits on a PC…

i want to fuckin cry….

is there a way to make it crack?

i want one so so bad 🙁

id fight mike tyson for one ( for one round lol fuck that lol )

fuck the world… it is so cruel to me… why why why?

in order to get one… id have to cross over to the…… “dark side”

and get a damn mac…. i refuse to comply!

this is some fragel nagel bullshit ( stealing brutha dubs terminology for a hot one )

foreal man….

my feelings are hurt…

but here goes syl…

sent me tha damn link ( after that big ol let down after commin back from FRYS )

then started playin some punk ass song where tha hook goes ” you cant always get what you want ”

stupid shit…. i hate tha fuckin song… ol dumb ass song.

fuck fuck fuck…

i refuse to cross over!

Me and Syl got new keyboards today… i love my shit… shit is kinda spiff… all this one button access shit… perfect for the lazy nigga in which i claim to be… the keys is quite n shit… the whole thing is heavy… dont move around n shit… got two usb ports… and easy on the hands… shit makes me wish i had somebody to type a long ass email too lol. oh… unfortunatly syls shit didnt work for her… she got a different keyboard ( she uses a mac ) but the usb ports was on the wrong side… and her new mouse cord is hella damn short… so we have to take hers back ( all together now ) aaaaawwwwwwwwwww. lol heh… anyway… my shit is thumbs up

i like help…

when i ask somebody for thier help… im alwyas greatful…


dont you hate it when muthafuckas are just too muthafuckin helpful?

not really saying nothin bad about nobody i know.

but there have been those instances, where a nigga be like… ok… im cool thanks.. and muthafuckas just keep on offering thier damn servies… like they are working for commission or some shit…. help commission…

so when they reach the pearly gates, they will have alotta points so they can get in and have some to spare for a “I Rock” t-shirt to be autographed by Jesus and Noah.


This just in…

sylviaG has dismissed her abusive ways as far as her mouse is conserned. Sylvia was often heard by her room mate, ( yours truely ) beating her mouse into submission as it was malfunctioning due to imporper use. ( why do you think they give away mouse pads yall, come on now ) Sylvia is repoted to be doing fine now, as for another mouse was purchased for her, the other was laid to rest in a joyious ceromony, involving jumping around, clapping and a big ol smile.

Now Hear This!

Recently The OJ ( me ) has been told some ridiculious bullshit about his appearance!

by more than a few individuals…

I think i should address these comments, for they have rendered me overwhemlingly irate and discusted!

Comments refering to my eyebrows.


That is the way them muthafuckas grow… i have nothing personally to do with there appearnce other than rub them sumbitches back before i make appearances in public!

Furthermore i would like to add that i am rather in-fucking-sulted that muthafuckas would even think that a nigga such as my self would even proform such femmine acts! im too damn lazy to cut my hair half the time, WHY in tha hell would i spend TIME in tha mirror archin my shit?

Fuck this… im takin my damn pictures off the internet completly!

lol muthafuckas…

Also, i would like to address any comments with relation to The OJ ( me ) resembeling well known public figures ( actors, singers, basketball players ).

I Look like NOBODY except for OJ! ( smith… myself, not those other famous OJ’s )… im pretty damn sure, some people are now saying to themselves… what in tha hell is he talking about? Who has he been told he looks like?!?!

Well… Fuck Yall! i aint sayin shit for a couple of reasons!

1. Muthafuckas cant damn read, and will be like… AHH NIGGA PLEASE! you dont look like whoopty whoop! what in tha fuck is your problem?

See… im not sayin i DO look like this guy… im sayin i DONT, regaurdless of how many people i tell, somebody said i look like whomever and i think i dont… they think im sayin i do.

2. Because I DONT look like those other damn guys… i look like OJ and thats all ill ever look like, i may look like FATHER maybe, or my MOMMA???? maybe… but no… nobody thats not related to me.

so stop with the bullshit please…

all those who do not comply will be furiously insulted!

That is all


Has anybody seen those fuckin pontiac commercials??

The one where the’re like… hey what would you do if somebody handed you the keys to a pontiac for a week?

excuse me patna?

a muthafuckin WEEK?!?!?

tha fuck am i suppose to do with a GOTDAMN Pontiac for a fuckin WEEK?

go to work!?!?!? go visit my mama? go kick it over tha homies house? go to a club… in a gotdamn pontiac?? i mean what tha fuck?

The people on the commercial get super excited n shit… i mean i can see being excited for gettin a FREE ass car… but a free car for a week? damn… them cars aint THAT fuckin spiff for one… for two… really? what in tha fuck are you gonna do with that car for 7 fuckin days?

They show people drivin to places and havin fun and yap yap yap…

riddle me this… dont these muthafuckas have jobs? how they just get a car… FOR A WEEK! and be on they way some fuckin where? like they have no responsibility.

come on now… realisticly…. all a muhfucka gonna do is drive to work everyday… and if they like the way the car ride, they might go some where they wouldnt normally go. but not of fuckin vaction! maybe to the club… or a kick it spot. but damn dogg…

dont believe the hype